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4 Professionals Who are Critical to Startup Success

4 Professionals Who are Critical to Startup Success

Having a unique product or idea is not the only key to creating a successful startup. It is almost impossible to create a viable business by yourself, so you need to build a team with the right types of professionals. You should find people who will supplement your own skills and knowledge to create a perfectly well-rounded team of professionals. If you are in the beginning stages of founding a startup, make sure that your team includes these four types of professionals.


One of the first things you should do when creating a startup is find a reputable business attorney. A good lawyer will help you to navigate through all of the confusing legal requirements to create a business within your unique location. The input of an experienced attorney can be invaluable to preventing any later issues with the law, and they can even help you to fight against competitors who may have stolen your startup idea.

You likely won’t need to hire a full-time lawyer onto your staff, rather you can get one on retainer, or just pay one when you need it. Hiring a lawyer on retainer means that you pay a little on a regular basis for their services rather than hiring them full time. Having a lawyer on retainer works for businesses that need a fair amount of legal work but may not be able to hire them full time.

IT Professionals

Many startups make the mistake of hiring a random person who knows how to do only basic IT work. However, this can backfire if customer accounts are stolen by hackers or your customers are put off by constant technological failures. Therefore, you should look for someone who has an information assurance degree or a comparable degree to ensure all your systems are updated, secure, and functional. In the past, depending on your industry, you could get away without any IT support. These days with the large share of transactions and marketing hosted online, an experienced IT professional is essential to business success.


As soon as you create your first business expense or charge your first customer, you need an accountant who can help to keep track of everything. Hiring an accountant is not very expensive, and their assistance will be essential once you start dealing with all of the different financial aspects of a startup. Even if you do not use an accountant regularly, it is necessary to at least have someone who can aid you with your taxes once a year.

Social Media Strategists

Social media is becoming increasingly important for all businesses, and it is particularly necessary for a startup to have a good social media presence. A talented strategist can help your company to build its online presence and gain loyal customers. Unlike the average Facebook user, a professional strategist will know about the latest online trends and understand how to build popular and successful campaigns.

People who specialize in these areas can help give your startup everything it needs to flourish. Though the number of people you employ may be limited at first, having the right types of professionals as part of your team will ensure that your startup can grow.

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