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The 5 Most Successful Ways to Recruit Top Talent to Your Company

The 5 Most Successful Ways to Recruit Top Talent to Your Company

Companies often struggle with the question of how to consistently recruit top talent for their available job positions. It’s an important question, because without quality employees your business is never going to reach its full potential for innovation or productivity. To get the best results, try these five successful ways to recruit top talent to your company.

Create a Candidate Pool

Creating a candidate pool your company can draw from when it needs to hire a new employee is an important first step to take. You can do this by networking, such as asking your employees for referrals of any friends or acquaintances from career events and retaining the contact information of interviewees who didn’t make the final cut but may be suited for another position. Advertise in professional association publications and on their websites to attract professional candidates involved in your field. Even if they are not currently looking, a memorable ad will help them to remember your name.

Cultivate a Desirable Company Culture

A good company culture slowly but surely becomes part of your reputation, and the best and brightest will want to work for you. Your goal is to make it so current employees will talk about what a good place your company is to work. To go about creating a good company culture, you can do a few things, such as putting your employees first and ensuring that their ideas are listened to and their contributions recognized, as well as creating and adhering to your company’s core values.

Offer Good Benefits and a Competitive Salary

The reality is that if your company only offers stingy benefits and below-average salaries, the top talent is going to go somewhere else. Also, be sure to offer benefits your target candidates will appreciate and actually use. Look to companies like Google as an example for how offering fringe benefits can really benefit your company.

Go to the Top Talent

Don’t wait for employees to find you—you have to go out, find and woo them first. For example, you’re much more likely to get an exemplary employee from reaching out to an industry professional on LinkedIn who is looking for a job rather than someone applying for your job listings on Monster. You should also put adequate resources into university and general recruitment.

Go with Your Gut

When interviewing a potential candidate, you must analyze them objectively, such as whether they have that masters of project management that you want, but you also must use your intuition when making a final decision. For example, how do they choose to answer the questions you present them? Are you having more of a conversation than a bland question and answer session? Is there any kind of connection and do you think this person will make a good member of your team?

Though it can be an involved and lengthy process, creating an organization that recruits top talent should be the end goal of every business.

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