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7 Tips for Keeping Your Office Space Organized

7 Tips for Keeping Your Office Space Organized

A messy workstation might feel carefree and low-maintenance, but in reality, it causes unnecessary stress. Late arrivals, lost documents, spillages, and big mistakes can all easily be avoided with a little organization. As the saying goes, “tidy desk, tidy mind”, and there is little more satisfying than a thorough spring clean to keep productivity high and your head clear.

A few simple changes can make a world of difference, and once your office is in shape, you’ll never look back. Keeping your office space organized will no longer feel like a chore, but a way of life.

Here are seven ideas for keeping your office space organized:

Think Minimal

Less is always so much more. The fewer objects you have cluttering your space, the easier it will be to find what you need. With just the essentials in your work station, you leave plenty of breathing and thinking space, so your mind is clear and ready to focus. As you tidy up, be ruthless; if it’s not essential for your current project or daily work routine, it needn’t be there.

Ensure Everything Has its Place

The simplest way to keep things neat is to assign every object a place. Cables in the bottom drawer, pens in the pot, papers in the storage file; tidying time is reduced by miles. Dividers help optimize a vast empty drawer, and color-coded folders make it quicker to locate bank statements or contracts. Knowing where things are not only saves time; uniformity keeps your thoughts decluttered too.

Get Rid of Trash

Find a set of smart-looking trash cans that fit neatly beneath your desk, and assign one each for paper, plastic, and general waste. As you’re keeping life minimal, throw out any documents that no longer serve a purpose (though not until you’ve cut them into quarters and reused the blank side for handwritten to-do lists).

Choose the Right Kind of Desk

The table you use is the heart of your workstation, so it pays to get this right and select the perfect desk. A desk that includes storage space helps keep work surfaces clear, as items can be tidied away easily, preventing a buildup of clutter.

Make it Beautiful

While neatness is key, a space that lifts your mood will boost productivity and inspire you to persevere with your spring-clean attitude. Choose one decorative item you love, such as an orchid or a framed photograph, and keep it in a place of pride on your desk. Choose beautiful stationery and ensure your color-coding system is easy on the eye. Having something lovely on your desk encourages you to keep the space tidy and brightens your day, encouraging you to work with enthusiasm.

Declutter Your Digital Space

A purge of your computer or laptop is just as important as an office tidy-up. While you may not notice the useless folders and years-old photos clogging your desktop, once they’re deleted and gone the feeling of lightness (and your PC’s change in speed) is miraculous. The Cloud can seem like a magical place, but that too can sometimes overflow with old memories or long-forgotten projects you just don’t need.

Plan and Think Big

Set aside time on a Monday morning to plan. Brainstorm all your messy ideas until you’ve narrowed down clear goals for the week, then write them somewhere neatly, but make it big! A whiteboard on your office wall is the ideal place to list your weekly intentions, and seeing your aims so clearly for the next five days will remind you what your priorities are.

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