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In-House or Outsource: Which is the Best Option for Hiring Tech Personnel for Your Company?

In-House or Outsource: Which is the Best Option for Hiring Tech Personnel for Your Company?

The rise of outsourcing has forever changed the hiring landscape – but many wonder if it is for better or worse. There are plenty of arguments for and against outsourcing, with most companies finding that it has had an overall positive impact.

Specifically, companies are embracing the benefits of outsourcing IT positions. The majority of IT work can be done remotely, and all of it requires advanced knowledge and candidates that remain up-to-date with the latest in all things tech.

Let’s take a look at whether outsourcing tech personnel may be right for your company.

Cost Efficiency

One of the biggest draws for all outsourcing is the reduced cost. Largely, companies that outsource have the luxury of only paying for the work completed. This is a far cry from the sometimes-massive investment of hiring a full-time, in-house employee with paid time off, benefits, and an assortment of other financial strings attached. Employers can hire tech freelancers on a per project basis, or in a part-time, per diem role. Essentially, the company is only liable to pay for the task performed. This has huge benefits to any bottom line, especially in the case of tech. IT specializations can be notoriously expensive and oftentimes tech freelancers are competing for work, asking for significantly lower compensation.

Quality Candidates

Outsourcing means that every company has almost unlimited access to a huge talent pool. They can choose from the best candidates anywhere in the world, all at competitive pricing. Advanced recruiting platforms like CodeFights recruiter have been applauded for bringing a more diverse range of extremely desirable candidates to the forefront of tech, matching them with jobs at major companies throughout Silicon Valley and beyond. They even feature a unique system that expertly pairs eligible recruits with the ideal roles, eliminating the time wasted by the lengthy, traditional hiring process. It should also be noted that by cutting down time spent on hiring, this also free up the HR departments to carry on with the myriad of other duties that make them so important to every company.

Faster Growth

Company growth naturally ebbs and flows, as does production demand. Outsourcing allows companies to take on more recruits on an ‘as needed’ basis, so they do not suffer the same lulls because they have the extra reinforcements. Moreover, outsourcing affords them the ability to jump on top of necessary IT upgrades. They can quickly seek out the technical expertise they need to stay ahead of fast-paced tech advances and have access to as many IT freelancers as they need at any given time.

The Takeaway

By all accounts, the clear winner here is outsourcing. In the case of IT, companies across the world are taking advantage of outsourcing for everything from small time projects to major application development. Outsourcing tech saves on cost, brings in more talent, and keeps company growth humming along at a steady, competitive pace.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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