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5 Unexpected Locations Perfect for Startups

5 Unexpected Locations Perfect for Startups

New or experienced entrepreneurs understand that the location of a startup is everything. The wrong spot can lead to business failures or tempered profits. If you’re a savvy entrepreneur, you need to know the perfect locations for your startup. These places will offer you the best demographics, technologies, and resources available. At number one, Silicon Slopes is the best startup-friendly area in the United States.

Silicon Slopes

This tech-friendly location’s name is branded to the metropolitan and surrounding areas of Salt Lake City, Provo, and Park City, Utah. These are home to huge companies such as EA Sports, Adobe Systems, Intel/Micron, and SanDisk. This thriving technology community is growing quickly and would make Utah a perfect location for your startup. People come from all-over the world to try their start-up here, such as Toby Scammell from Womply, who lived in Australia for a time. Sponsorship, educational, and developmental tools are all available with the Silicon Slopes non-profit organization. They aim to provide support, connections, and empowerment to their local technology communities. Salt Lake City, Utah has a significant chapter of talented Silicon Slopes members and is the hub of that area. Several startups began there, and continue to have success. The city’s large population, progressive citizens, and diversity make its demographics startup friendly.

Denver, Colorado

If you’re a business enthusiast with a great idea for a startup, Denver, Colorado offers fantastic and diverse resources. Denver provides a business startup list in seven languages. They include English, Spanish, Amharic, Somali, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Nepali. This makes Denver the perfect location for diverse startups created by immigrants. Denver offers entrepreneurs access to support from Business Development Representatives. They can help you find the tools, information, and structure you’ve been looking for.

Austin, Texas

When you think of technology, it is hard to think of Texas. However, Austin is a unique and business-savvy location for your startup. Many business enthusiasts began there and continue their work to this day. Austin has a large community of E-commerce startups, so the market for that is huge there. The city is a cultural center of technology, art, and production.

Las Vegas, Nevada

When you begin a startup, your financial situation can be a bit rocky. Las Vegas, Nevada is a relatively cheap place to live and start your business. The over-abundance of jobs and education makes this the perfect location for new or young entrepreneurs. The city also has several open spaces in busy areas. It is not over-saturated with startups, so there are tons of incentives to launch yours there.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is a beautiful location that is quickly growing. The quality of life there is also rather pleasant. Happy lives equal happy customers. The unemployment rate is low, and its number of startup opportunities dwarfs cities across the nation. Boulder was ranked in the top twenty most productive areas in the country. This ranking was calculated according to Gross Domestic Product. It is a perfect startup location for any business idea, especially yours.

Final Thoughts

Location is everything. These five places offer perfect locations for any startup. Utah offers the most value, while Denver provides diverse support. Austin is a cultural mecca of e-commerce, while Las Vegas boasts a wide array of openings and financial benefits. Finally, Boulder hosts a high-quality of living, demographics, and productivity. No matter where you hang your business hat, each location offers its own unique advantage.

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