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Quick Fixes for Boring Web Pages

Quick Fixes for Boring Web Pages

Boring web pages spell failure for most websites online. After all, would you visit and stay on a web page that looks boring and proves difficult to navigate? Many website visitors only take a few seconds of their time to make the dreaded decision: stay and read or go elsewhere and read? If your website is boring, it’s going to fall into the latter category. Therefore, it’s imperative you do everything you can to ensure your website is easy to navigate and doesn’t spell out “boring”. Here are a few of the simple ways to make your website or blog that little bit more exciting with only a little time and effort.

Beautiful Pricing Tables

If you have a WordPress blog that serves customers via pricing tables, it’s crucial they are beautiful and easy to customize. One way of doing that is to just install an easy to use plugin. One plugin that can do everything you need as far as pricing tables are concerned is Easy Pricing Tables. A plugin like this will turn your old, boring pricing tables into beautiful, easy to navigate tables that are also simple to customize. These tables are very flexible and you can insert as much or as little data as you like for the products or services you offer.

Take Advantage of Bigger Illustrations

If your site has more text than it does pictures, it’s boring. Webmasters need to get their point across to let visitors know what their website can do for them. However, it’s crucial you do this in as much detail as possible, but by using less text. You can often get your point across with a few pictures instead of wasting “white space” on pointless text that no one will have the energy to read. Think big when it comes to illustrations and you’ll find that each section of your website will be a lot easier to digest.

New WordPress Theme

If your website isn’t converting a reasonable percentage of visitors, it could be that your WordPress theme is boring and unattractive. Visitors want to see that you’ve spent time and money on getting a website online that’s professional, easy to navigate, and beautiful. You could be missing out on a lot of customers if you do not have the right theme in place that suits the services or products you offer. Luckily for you, WordPress makes it very easy to get a new theme online within minutes. If you’re serious about your website, you should consider one of the many premium themes WordPress offers. However, even the free themes out there are still very attractive and will make your website look a lot more exciting.

Start Updating Your Website More

It takes a lot of time and effort to update a website, but if you’re leaving it for months, you’re already putting your visitors off. Even simply updating your blog with a small piece of content every week could prove the difference in making your website look livelier. If you visit a website that hasn’t been updated in months, the chances are you’re going to walk away and find a competitor that looks like it’s putting more effort in. In conclusion, update your website regularly with more content and you could benefit from more conversions.

There’s plenty you can do to make your website look attractive and easier to navigate, and the above tips will ensure you’re able to do that with little effort, time, and money. If you’re serious about your website, you need to make the necessary changes sooner rather than later, just to ensure that you’re not missing out on more customers than you already have been.

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by Harvey Carr // Harvey Carr is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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