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5 Software Tools for Managing and Organizing Your Workspace

5 Software Tools for Managing and Organizing Your Workspace

Being a business owner means that you’re always dealing with unexpected turmoil. Luckily, there are plenty of practical and efficient workspace management tools that can help you smooth out whatever is slowing down your work output. Consider trying these tools if your business sometimes has a mind of its own:

topShelf by Scout

topShelf is an inventory management software that integrates perfectly with leading accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), and e-commerce software. If your business sells a product, topShelf simplifies the processes of picking, packing, and shipping.

This 2019 Scout software allows you to verify amounts of a product received by customers, share shipping information with other e-commerce applications, print unique product barcodes, and overall simplify all facets of the inventory management process.

Software like this is particularly helpful if you are producing and shipping in large quantities. To avoid mix-ups and unhappy customers, having a strong software like this is fundamental to running a successful business. Take the guesswork out of inventory management by using a dedicated program like this one.


Nexudus is a shared office management and CRM software in one. They offer cost-effective monthly subscriptions, seamless integration with a variety of payment processors, and three separate applications for using different features.

With Nexudus, you’ll have access to calendar integrations, ticket and event generation, and self-service booking. Nexudus is also effective for creating contracts, keeping an organized database of contacts, invoicing/payments, and distributing assignments.

These features that Nexudus offers can significantly improve the efficiency of your workspace. This white-label software can transform the way you manage your coworking space in a way that aligns with your chosen brand image.


Slack is a collaboration software that allows you to create channels where you can communicate with members of your workspace. These channels can be segmented by project, client, or team members.

Slack offers integrated file-sharing, searchable history, and voice or video calling compatibility. Slack supports the integration of over 1,500 applications, which allows you to customize the interface to work for your business’s unique needs.

Whether your workspace is big or small, Slack allows you to keep a line of communication open with every member of your team and stay organized while working on various projects.


Optix is another co-working management software that allows you to optimize workflow within your business. With Optix, your team can check-in to keep track of hours worked, book rooms and desks, make invoices and payments, and study workspace analytics.

Optix also has a feature that allows members of the workspace to share events and important announcements. Features like this allow the team to build a sense of community and remain engaged while working.

Sharing a common thread like Optix makes it easier to keep team members organized. Many of the features are automated and designed to work in conjunction with your workspace’s everyday tasks.

The analytics feature is especially useful because it allows you to make decisions backed by data. Knowing where and how time is spent leads to more informed decisions about the way your business runs.


PROS, which stands for Professional Receptionist Outsourcing Services, is a tool that helps businesses make sure they’re answering their phones. If you don’t have a dedicated receptionist, PROS is a sure-fire way to make sure your workspace is not missing important calls.

PROS will answer calls with a customized greeting, transfer calls to a desired location, and screen calls by name and reason for calling. When customers or potential clients contact your business, they want to make sure their needs are heard and understood. Having a responsive receptionist service like PROS will make clients have a more favorable opinion of your company.

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