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Tools and Apps for Boosting Your Productivity

Tools and Apps for Boosting Your Productivity

Life is always messy. Being organized and staying on track with an endless to-do list can be a daunting task. It’s easy to feel like you’re not getting anything done if all your info is scattered across numerous notebooks, email addresses, and online tools.

Fortunately, there are more options for getting work done and remaining on track than the popularized Microsoft Office Suite. There are thousands if not millions of tools and apps that can increase your productivity. Let’s check some of them.


TickTick is a user-friendly to-do list app that offers suitable features. This application is a cross-platform app that enables Gmail integration besides seamless syncs across android, web platforms or iOS. You can comfortably convert an email into a task on a to-do list with Chrome extension.

It also enables you to build a back-up of your lists on the Internet. You can even customize your notifications so that you receive reminders that help you meet your deadlines. TickTick offers you to set multi-level priorities for the items on the list which helps manage your activities effectively. Another prominent feature of TickTick is the ability to send location-based reminders. You can configure them to be sent when you arrive at or leave a particular place.

Remember the Milk

This is another great app for managing your work schedule across multiple different devices. It’s an efficient, free tool which is compatible with almost any device – including your mobile phone, tablet, MAC and PC – and also works with email accounts, such as Gmail and Outlook. As the name suggests, this app helps you manage your tasks more easily, and reminds you about them – wherever you are.


Although they aren’t digital, compendiums are excellent for keeping your smartphone, notebook, pencils and other small tools and gadgets all in one place. In other words, they are essential corporate and tertiary accessories which keep all your key writing office equipment in one handy portable folder.

Another great thing about them is that you can order promotional compendiums with your custom brand logo on them. You can look professional, advertise yourself or your business, all while keeping your writing equipment in one leather folder.


Evernote is a free productivity tool that enables you to capture all your ideas, images and thoughts in many ways – with voice, images or notes. You can even record your interviews, meetings, ideas, and speeches, add voice or text attachments, create lists, and share your files with friends. You can even sync it with the aforementioned Remember the Milk app to really optimize your time.


Due is an app designed specifically for iPhones and iPads that enable you to jot down tasks and set reminders swiftly. Utilizing an exclusive app to track tasks is a good way to declutter your schedule. It is enormously easy to reschedule reminders with Due. If there is a change of plans, you can modify your plans by editing the reminder on the fly. This one-tap feature to manage events makes it a simple app for organizing them.

The app also gives persistent reminders with auto snooze options. Until you mark the task as complete or reschedule the task, the auto snooze repeatedly notifies you about it. Another excellent feature that makes it different is the ability to send reminders to coworkers and friends.


There are many different apps and tools for boosting your productivity, but did you know that with self-care, you can increase your productivity? For instance, making time for a daily workout or meditation can be an important piece of the productivity puzzle.

This can help you feel centered and enhance your productivity for the rest of the day. The 24/7 mindset is not sustainable. You can use meditation and workout apps like Headspace or Fit-bit. Headspace can be used every morning, for example, to meditate before you walk your dog or drink coffee.

Whatever app or tool you want to use, remember that you are the greatest app in this world. There is no better tool than yourself. Use your time wisely, rather than abundantly, and know that these apps can only do so much. You are the foundation of your success.

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