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6 EdTech Startups to Watch in 2019

6 EdTech Startups to Watch in 2019

Education technologies are on the rise now. Combining traditional techniques with multimedia and top-notch technologies is a perfect way to engage new generations and help them study well. It’s no wonder that in 2017, the global educational technology market had $17.7 billion in revenue. Moreover, it is expected to grow to $40.9 billion by 2022, researchers state.

So, it is wise to keep an eye on emerging edtech startups and explore the opportunities they offer. Here are six promising companies that aim at improving the educational experience for students all over the world.

Unruly Studios

Run. Jump. Code. That is the motto of Unruly Studios, an edtech startup, based in Boston. The main goal of Unruly Studios is to help students learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills through…play! Someone may be surprised, but gamification is a promising educational approach. It makes studying not only effective but also fun and more engaging.

Recently, Unruly Studios received an investment from Amazon’s Alexa Fund. Amazon is exploring ways to incorporate its virtual assistant, Alexa, in the education and learning sector. Their collaboration with Unruly Studios looks like an exciting venture, which is worth the attention.

Career Karma

Learning together is always better. Struggling with an essay? Hire an essay writer to help you get through the creative block. Having problems with a challenging task? Connect with fellow learners through social media to resolve it quickly.

Career Karma, a recent graduate of startup accelerator Y Combinator, is all about learning together. However, their primary focus is on helping students learn how to code and land a job in tech.

The best part? It is completely free. To start, just download the app and become a part of a community, whose primary goal is to learn and teach coding.


pi-top is an edtech startup originating from London. They have quite a mission – not only to change STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) but the whole education system.

In its work, the company utilizes social constructionism. It is an educational approach, which focuses not on memorizing and repeating information, but on creating real-life projects and learning by doing.

To achieve that goal, pi-top is offering multiple products, like the new modular laptop, which helps students to create DIY projects. Also, pi-top offers pi-topCLASSROOM — a web app for teachers. It allows easy management of classes and lesson plans.


The refugee crisis is something that concerns all of us. It is essential to help refugees become a part of a new society and fully integrate into it. There are multiple ways to achieve that goal — including learning and education. That is what Chatterbox, an online language school, is all about.

Chatterbox helps refugees to become language coaches and work not only with individuals, but also organizations and even universities. The best part — no previous teaching experience is needed. Why? Because the learning process of Chatterbox is based on conversations.

So, Chatterbox is not only a promising edtech company. It also has a social impact and makes the world a better, more welcoming place.


Vectorly is an edtech startup from Berkeley, created by two Stanford students. The main goal of Vectorly is to facilitate online video learning in emerging markets, such as Nigeria or Mexico. That is where the founders are from.

The main idea behind Vectorly is video vectorization. It is an innovative video compression technology, which converts pixels to code, compresses the video, and improves the quality instead of denigrating it.

There is a comprehensive article about video vectorization on Vectorly website. The technology is still in its early phases, but it has vast potential in the educational and learning sector, especially in emerging markets.

Learning Machine

Learning Machine is a company that works with different industries — government, healthcare, enterprise, and, of course, education. The main goal of the Learning Machine is providing blockchain-secured digital credentials to revolutionize the way of issuing and verifying records.

When it comes to education, the Learning Machine works with various kinds of credentials to make educators’ lives easier. Think about diplomas and certificates, transcripts, examinations, even photo IDs!

The company works with different clients, such as MIT or Southern New Hampshire University. And it is definitely worth being watched in 2019.

Final Words

Education technologies are versatile, useful, and hands-on fascinating. More and more people are getting familiar with them. Even big companies, such as Amazon or Pearson, are willing to finance educational startups.

Such products are used all over the world and help in improving the learning experience for all — students, teachers, parents. So, they are definitely worth the attention not only from the big companies but also from all of us.

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