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Matt Fleeger’s Solid Business Relationships Fuel the Growth of Gulf Coast Western

Matt Fleeger’s Solid Business Relationships Fuel the Growth of Gulf Coast Western

Matt Fleeger, CEO, President, and Director of Gulf Coast Western, LLC, has built a reputation for cultivating solid partnerships and business relationships built on integrity, trust, and respect.  With a focus on responsible growth and transparency with business partners, Fleeger has led Gulf Coast Western, a successful oil and gas company based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, through various periods of growth and expansion by means of conscientious acquisitions and mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Fleeger is also involved in various philanthropic efforts in the Dallas/Ft. Worth community, where his company is headquartered.  Specifically, Fleeger is active in supporting organizations that benefit children. He is involved in supporting the Sadie Keller Foundation, an organization led by a child leukemia survivor whose mission is assisting families of children with childhood cancer and raising national awareness of the need to expand funding for pediatric cancer research. Another of his philanthropic beneficiaries is the Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, a nationally recognized educational institution that provides a focused hands-on Science, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum that prepares children for careers in these highly specialized fields. 

After earning his degree in Business Administration at Southern Methodist University in 1985, Fleeger began his career in the oil and gas industry at Gulf Coast Western, a company his father founded in 1970, and spent eight years learning the ropes of the industry as well as the family business.  He went on to build an extensive resume in the areas of management, marketing, sales, and finance, as well as corporate structuring, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions, through a series of companies he founded in the medical waste management and indoor tanning industries, before returning to his natural niche in oil and gas.  

Gulf Coast Western began as a modest venture with a limited local focus in the Gulf Coast region. After Fleeger assumed leadership of the company upon his father’s retirement, he implemented a strategy for the company’s growth, focused on expansion through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.  Under his leadership, the company has expanded its holdings and drilling operations to include Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Colorado, Alabama, and Kansas.  

By forging solid joint ventures with strategic investment partners, Gulf Coast Western is now also taking advantage of promising opportunities in other states in the southwest region of the U.S. The company has also broadened its investments and core activities in exploration and lease acquisition options within the oil and gas rich area of the Gulf Coast, where it has access to thousands of acres that will be developed over the next few years. 

Gulf Coast Western is also the Managing Venturer for a number of significant oil and gas partnerships spanning the Gulf Coast region and the southwestern United States.  As an investment manager, Fleeger has earned the respect of his investment partners, thanks to his transparent approach to business, and the fact that he invests his own money alongside theirs.   

Fleeger is also respected for his commitment to protecting the safety, security, and benefits of his partner’s investments, and his willingness to assist potential partners in making smart investment decisions with full knowledge of the risks and potential payoffs involved. Fleeger encourages individual investor partners to maintain an active role in their ventures’ management decisions, allowing them to take advantage of federal tax benefits specifically benefitting projects in domestic oil and gas exploration. 

“Education and awareness are always an investor’s first line of defense against potential fraud,” explains Fleeger. “We work hard to make sure our partners understand the risks and benefits of investing in oil and gas exploration.”  

The success of Gulf Coast Western and the steady growth and progress of its ventures in a highly volatile industry demonstrate that Fleeger’s strategy for responsible growth is paying off. 

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