Tarah Mills 

4 Industries Poised to Recover After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused almost every industry and sector of the economy to grind to a halt. The few exceptions include healthcare, pharmacy and grocery stores. Once health experts and governments are able to gain control over the pandemic and perhaps implement an effective treatment or vaccine, economists will be looking at certain industries to lead the economic … [Read more...]

How to Effectively Manage Your Business’s Finances

In many cases, a small business' success is built on skills associated with making a product or providing a service, not necessarily skill in managing finances. If you don't have much experience with handling your business’ finances, it can sometimes feel like a tedious chore, but not tending to your company's money properly can also cause you to develop negative financial … [Read more...]

How an Agile Coach Can Help Your Business in an Economic Crisis

As the world approaches an impending economic crisis, businesses in every industry are scrambling to put together effective plans of action. While large companies may have the resources to better navigate these uncertain times, smaller businesses are in a much more precarious situation. If you find yourself unsure about the next steps to take to keep your company alive, the … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Accessibility

In order for your company to have a successful relationship with any partner, employee, or customer, your business has to be accessible to them. It is essential that people feel welcome with your company because it will ultimately impact whether or not you continue doing business with them. To help you achieve comfortable relationships with everyone your business interacts … [Read more...]

Are IT Troubles Weighing Your Small Business Down?

Any entrepreneur knows that while running a business, you are bound to have IT trouble. Thankfully there are options to help remove that stress. In fact, here are four great strategies that could remedy your IT concerns. Analyze Your Needs Your IT troubles could come from problems with your bandwidth capacity to problems with your tech services and tech products, which means … [Read more...]

A Guide to Automated Systems for Small Business Owners

Now is the best time to automate your business. Why stick to traditional practices when using technology is cheaper and yields better results? You could save time and effort by using automated programs to manage your daily operations. Automation does not mean you have to eliminate human talent in your office and substitute them with machines and software. It just means that … [Read more...]

5 Fun Ways to Showcase Your Small Business This Summer

You should always be on the lookout for ways to showcase your business, and that is even more important during the summer. You have access to more people with time on their hands, which means there are more people whose attention you can grab. From custom marketing materials and traditional recommendations to needed improvements, there are a multitude of strategies you can … [Read more...]

How Tech is Updating the Medical Industry

The medical industry is not what it was a decade ago as technology has been transforming healthcare to meet twenty-first century challenges. Breakthroughs in machine learning and data collection have made a huge impact on the medial world, so here are twelve technology trends that are changing healthcare in 2020. Artificial Intelligence As the population grows - and ages - … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Get Your Business Ready for the Hot Summer Months

Most businesses see a spike in shoppers, customers, and clients when summertime arrived because people are eager to be active. However, increased flow brings more expectations and higher demands for seamless customer service businesses must stay on top of. Plan Summer Before Spring By the time customers start to increase orders and service in hot months, it's too late to … [Read more...]