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5 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Accessibility

5 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Accessibility

In order for your company to have a successful relationship with any partner, employee, or customer, your business has to be accessible to them. It is essential that people feel welcome with your company because it will ultimately impact whether or not you continue doing business with them. To help you achieve comfortable relationships with everyone your business interacts with, here are five ways to improve your business’s accessibility.

Work on Your Store Design

To enhance your business’ accessibility, you will want to find or construct a store that has an open layout as openness makes customers feel welcome when they enter your store. Install ramps to accommodate handicapped customers, and automatic doors to give your store a more modern and streamlined feel. Clear the aisles of any obstacles that may slow down foot traffic or cause any confusion or stress. The cleaner and more concise your setup is, the more at ease customers will feel while shopping with you.

Other store design tips include providing accessible print paraphernalia, such as menus or business cards, having Braille on every door or aisle to accommodate people with impaired vision, and having lighting that’s functional and inviting at the same time. Essentially, you want customers and employees to have a stress-free experience while in your store.

Be Smart with Your Signs

Proper signage is key to getting people’s attention and educating them. To properly educate people with your signage, you should know what information people will be looking for and display the answers to their questions accordingly. Signs should also be concise, to the point, and use plain English. You can also include translated text if people in your area would benefit from it.

Be a Cost-Effective Solution

If the prices of your products or services are too high, then you could be limiting the amount of access customers have to your company. Consider reducing the price on some of your products and services to improve the public’s access to your business, but don’t go so far as to damage the profits that your company makes from sales. To achieve these price reductions and increase customer access to your company, consider offering weekly discounts and promo codes, creating a miniature version of the product, or allowing payments to be made in installments.

Practice Good Website Design

One of the best ways to give your customers better access to your business is to have a website that is user-friendly and simple. This means that information and pictures shouldn’t clutter the visitor’s screen, but rather your design should be minimal and concise. Rather than having a bunch of “Click Here” links throughout your website, give links a simple but straightforward name that describes what the link actually opens. This way, visitors will be informed as to what they are being redirected to.

Train Your Staff

Your staff members are a representation of your company and can have an impact on your customers’ feeling of acceptance or rejection with your company. For instance, your receptionist is in charge of scheduling your clients and will communicate with them before you ever do, most likely. In order to give your clients and customers the best possible experience and improve their first impression of your company, you should use tools to train staff members and improve their intercommunication lines. For instance, healthcare workflow solutions can inspire collaboration in healthcare teams, improve patient flow, and increase the capacity and efficiency of a hospital or healthcare center—all of which will impact the experience that patients have with that clinic.

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