Vicky Oliver 

Essential Etiquette for Your Video Conference Calls

As the pandemic persists, we continue to rely on technology to be fully productive in our work. In particular, video conferencing (think Zoom and Microsoft Teams) continues to replace in-person meetings, and fortunately the capability lets teams collaborate and forge ahead. But the video conference model comes with some downsides—some are platform related and some are … [Read more...]

How to Ruin a Blog, Post, or Text

Blame it on the popularity of texting or on the widespread use of social media, but its undeniable that everyone is adding too many embellishments to their writing by adding exclamation points, italics, and ellipses to try to improve a piece of text. More often it succeeds only in doing the opposite. Think of these additions like they are jewelry. An exclamation point is one … [Read more...]

Dress for Holiday Cheer While Staying on Budget

With the holidays approaching and all the added expenses that they can bring, you might be starting to wonder if you’ll have to show up at all the festivities in your same old outdated outfits. On the other hand, you know that if you’re not careful, you could end up paying off credit card debt well into the new year -- not a fun prospect. But staying on budget doesn’t mean … [Read more...]

Heard of the Glass Ceiling? What About the Age Floor?

Even in this boom economy, workers aged 50 and up are finding that their age can be a giant barrier to finding work. And even though companies aren’t allowed to discriminate based on age, plenty of evidence suggests that they do. Older workers can’t find jobs -- or even interviews -- even though the country is practically at full employment. Psychologists at Princeton … [Read more...]