Audio Interviews

Monday Morning Radio

This series of interviews is produced by Monday Morning Radio, a popular podcast by award-winning business journalist Dean Rotbart and small business owner and wealth management expert David Biondo. The interviews feature innovative business owners and entrepreneurs as well as industry experts and gurus that offer advice, expertise and inspiration to business owners.

Interview with Mike Agugliano, the Ninja Business Warrior

Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart interviews Mike Agugliano, Founder of ServiceKey, a company that teaches business owners in the home service industry how to be more successful. ServiceKey offers coaching, mentoring and workshops in the areas of marketing, sales, communication, management and other core business skills. Mike says, in this interview, that many home … [Read more...]

Audio Interview with Bonnie Marcus of Women’s Success Coaching

Bonnie Marcus, founder of Women’s Success Coaching, explains in this interview with Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart how women can succeed as entrepreneurs and businesswomen in today’s business environments. By focusing on promotion, positioning and building strategic relationships, Bonnie says women can get ahead and stay ahead in competitive workplaces. While much of … [Read more...]

Audio Interview with Porsha Vogt on Lessons Learned in the Senior Care Industry

Dean Rotbart interviews Porsha Vogt, Owner and President of Golden Care, a non-medical, in-home elder care agency near San Diego, California. Golden Care provides seniors with services such as memory care, personal care, companion care, and, when the time comes, community placement assistance. In this interview, Porsha talks about the challenges of hiring a quality workforce … [Read more...]

Audio Interview with Brian Lawley on Becoming an Effective Product Manager

In this interview, Dean Rotbart and David Biondo talk with Brian Lawley, Founder and CEO of the 280 Group. The 280 Group works with organizations and individuals seeking to improve their product management skills through training, coaching, templates and books based on the group’s trademarked Optimal Product Management framework. A Product Manager, according to Brian Lawley, … [Read more...]

Audio Interview: Overview of the 2014 Principal Financial Well-Being Survey

Host Dean Rotbart interviews Amy Friedrich, Vice President with Principal Financial Group about the recently released survey results of the 2014 Principal Financial Well-Being Survey. The survey polled 600 small business owners who are actively involved in the management of their company on topics such as financial health, staffing, and current challenges. The results offer … [Read more...]

Audio Interview: Goodness in Leadership

Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart interviews Paul Batz, Founder and President of Good Leadership Enterprises, a Twin Cities-based organization whose mission is to spread goodness in leadership and business through leadership coaching, events, books and programs. In this interview, Paul talks about how the recession of 2008/2009 changed the course of his professional … [Read more...]

Audio Interview: Capitalizing on Kosher

Listen as Dean Rotbart, host of Monday Morning Radio, interviews Menachem Lubinsky, President and CEO of Lubicom Marketing Consulting in New York. Lubinsky is most noted for his expertise in the kosher food market, having founded Kosherfest, the world’s largest business to business trade show for the kosher industry. In this interview, Menachem talks about what kosher food … [Read more...]

Audio Interview with Michal Bohm of BM Windows in San Diego

Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart interviews Michal Bohm, owner of BM Windows, a window replacement company in San Diego with a business model that differs from most others in the industry. While many window replacement companies focus on high-pressure sales techniques, Michal has chosen a different approach that has allowed him to thrive in a competitive market. In the … [Read more...]

Audio Interview with Roger Beaudoin, The Restaurant Rock Star

Roger Beaudoin, known as The Restaurant Rock Star, offers listeners in this interview his list of “Ten Common Habits of Ineffective Restaurant Service.” While his list was born out of his expertise is in the restaurant industry, his suggestions can be applied to almost any business looking to improve their service, and their overall business success. One example of the ten … [Read more...]