Startup Business Ideas, Strategy and Planning

As an entrepreneur, you most likely wear many hats in your day-to-day work. Figuring out how to juggle all of the tasks you have to do, while still maintaining a life outside of work can be a challenge. Entrepreneuring articles focus on you, the entrepreneur, and how you can strengthen your areas of weakness when it comes to business and keeping a healthy work-life balance.

4 Solid Practices to Enhance Your Business Operations

The built-in complexities of running a business can be nerve-racking. You have to consistently generate leads, collaborate with your team, meet your monthly goals, remain profitable, stay sane, stop losing hair, and the list goes on. Not many people survive the daily storms that entrepreneurs face; that’s why many give up on their journey with a strong sense of frustration and … [Read more...]

Why Explore Entrepreneurship Skills in College?

The current crop of college students needs to be diverse. You cannot depend on your current course to provide your future subsistence as most lustrous careers held by college students differ from what they studied in college. College provides a reflective environment to look into the different talents you possess and entrepreneurship is a natural-born talent in most … [Read more...]

Start a Side Business from Your Home

The primary reason many people go into business is to earn more money. However, you may also be searching for a new challenge and a sense of fulfillment. Whatever your motivations, finding the right new venture is the first step. Depending on your choice and circumstance, you may need to fund your business via external sources. Before you make decisions that you cannot … [Read more...]

5 Essential Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur

Do you feel like you’re ready to move on from your 9-to-5, say goodbye to your days of being an employee, and become your own boss instead? Embracing entrepreneurship can completely transform your career, and anyone can become an entrepreneur, as long as you’re truly committed to your vision! Once you’ve come up with a great business idea and created a plan that will help you … [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Work with a Business Brokerage When Selling Your Company

Buying a company may not be as simple as buying a car, but in some ways, a business is like any other commodity: subject to the law of supply and demand. This can have significant implications for owners who are considering divestiture from their business in the coming year. Over the past few years, there has been a marked uptick in small businesses going up for sale as Baby … [Read more...]

Long Beach Architect Welcomes Client Ideas and Input

If you’ve ever worked with a design professional, like an architect, interior designer, or landscape architect, you may have noticed that your ideas and suggestions are not always welcomed. So many designers take on the mindset of “I’m the expert. I know what’s best.” And while it’s true that these types of professionals have varying levels of training and experience in their … [Read more...]

5 Investment Areas for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the living legacy of the American dream. From whatever background or situation, they have become focused visionaries who use hard-work and fierce commitment to make their dreams a reality. Their businesses span industries and continents, and their stories inspire millions. Their lives show that it is possible to remain true to yourself and still enjoy success. … [Read more...]

Starting a Business in 2020? Here’s a List of Tips You Need to Know to Beat the Virus and the Competition

Thinking of starting up a business in the post-pandemic era? If you are, the new climate is going to feature a lot of changes, so it's important to be informed, flexible, and above all else, prepared. Here are five tips that will help you start up a successful business in the post-pandemic era. Learn About Operating a Business This may seem like a no-brainer but now is not a … [Read more...]

Small Business Owners are Optimistic, According to a New Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a myriad of challenges for small business owners from lockdowns stopping business altogether to additional costs for safety and sanitation equipment. With all of these roadblocks, one would expect entrepreneurs to flee from opening traditional small businesses, but according to a new survey by JustBusiness, many entrepreneurs are rising to … [Read more...]