Startup Business Ideas, Strategy and Planning

As an entrepreneur, you most likely wear many hats in your day-to-day work. Figuring out how to juggle all of the tasks you have to do, while still maintaining a life outside of work can be a challenge. Entrepreneuring articles focus on you, the entrepreneur, and how you can strengthen your areas of weakness when it comes to business and keeping a healthy work-life balance.

Learn These Things If You Want to Work for Yourself

Whether you are going it alone or working with a team of believers and dreamers, going into business for yourself is an exciting and somewhat scary time. It is exciting because you are doing something new. Once you go into business for yourself, it is no longer business as usual. Your 9 to 5 just became a 5 to 9. Your days just got longer and your nights, a whole lot shorter. … [Read more...]

When to Make the Leap and Start Your Own Business

When you’ve been contemplating starting your own business for a while, sometimes something happens that provides you with the nudge you needed. A cash windfall is one thing that could move you in a certain direction. For example, using a lawsuit settlement to start a business is one of the positive things you can do with the money that will hopefully allow you to grow it over … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Selling Your Business

Selling your business doesn't have to be a logistical nightmare. There are ways to make this a smooth and profitable operation. Here are a few handy tips that will tell you what you need to know about making this a successful process. Previous Profits Don't Equal Present Success A very important point that you will need to keep in mind when selling your business is that your … [Read more...]

Is Starting an Online Casino Affiliate Business Achievable?

Over the last decade, the online casino affiliate industry has skyrocketed, with those who have got it right becoming hugely successful, with some even being the subject of lucrative acquisition offers. Even now, the online casino affiliate market still has a huge amount of potential, due to a number of factors. The gambling industry itself now presents a lot of … [Read more...]

Tips to Remember When Starting a Small Business

There are few things as exciting as starting your own small business. Whether it be a lifelong dream or something you just recently started considering with the extra time you’ve had during the pandemic, a startup has the potential to truly change your life. However, all the good intentions you have will need solid financial planning to back them up to ensure the company can … [Read more...]

Tips for Making Smart Business Investments

The first rule of entrepreneurship is to never mix business expenditures with personal expenditures. Sometimes entrepreneurs unknowingly or knowingly go too far in the opposite direction. They invest too much time running things in their enterprises, working to improve their businesses, and reallocating profits back into the business. This often makes them forget to pay … [Read more...]

8 Actionable Ways You Can Improve Business Growth

Did you know there are four major reasons a business fails within the first five years? Those reasons include a lack of cash flow funding, the inability to retain a management team, faulty business models, and unhelpful marketing initiatives. If your company is not making progress, you may fear shutting down. With these eight ways to improve business growth, your business … [Read more...]

How Do I Hire an Accountant?

Working with a qualified accountant has the potential to take your business to new heights. A bookkeeper may do an excellent job of keeping the records, but won’t really be able to navigate the maze of taxation laws well enough to ensure a hassle-free tax season. An accountant is also more qualified to provide financial and business advice. Contrary to what many believe, … [Read more...]

How to Find a Unique Business Idea

Rarely does anyone doubt the importance of uniqueness in the creation of business ideas and their promotion to the market. Is there a universal recipe for how to come up with a casino that will be rich in games and interesting bonuses like nationalcasino.com/casino/lobby? No one will be able to suggest a specific recipe for how to come up with such a unique idea. There are … [Read more...]

Do Footballers Make Better Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is an increasingly popular way to make a living. As footballers look to expand their horizons and seek out new career paths once they retire from the sport, they are also increasingly turning to entrepreneurship. But do footballers make better entrepreneurs? In this article, we explore some examples of where footballers and other team sports professionals … [Read more...]