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Top 10 Businessing Magazine Articles from the Fourth Quarter of 2015

Here’s a recap of some of the most popular articles on Businessing Magazine for the fourth quarter of 2015. Did you miss any of them? Click on the article titles below to read the full articles. How One Business Is Challenging (And Changing) the Healthcare Game This article by regular contributor Christina DeBusk, features a healthcare option for small businesses that … [Read more...]

Emily Lund Named Managing Editor of Businessing Magazine

We are pleased to announce that Emily Lund has been named Managing Editor of Businessing Magazine. Emily has been on staff at the magazine since its launch, handling various tasks including editing and formatting articles, working directly with Editor-in-Chief Matthew Smith. About Emily’s promotion, Matthew Smith said, “We are so glad that Emily has agreed to take on the … [Read more...]

Top 10 Articles of the Second Quarter of 2015

The following articles are the most-read articles in the second quarter of 2015. If you don’t regularly visit Businessing Magazine, or if you don’t yet subscribe to our emails that let you know when new articles are published, you may have missed some of the articles other readers have found helpful and engaging. The topics of these popular articles range from inspirational to … [Read more...]

Businessing Magazine Celebrates First Anniversary

Businessing Magazine has now officially been in operation for a year—and what a year it’s been! We launched the magazine in July 2014, and readership has steadily grown since then. Some highlights of the past year include the 2014 Food Truck Design Awards, which were very popular with readers, and fun for the staff here at Businessing as well; assembling a diverse group of … [Read more...]

Businessing Magazine Introduces Content Sponsorship Opportunities

Businessing Magazine is introducing a new way to advertise on our website. Content sponsorship allows your company or organization to purchase exclusive, noncompetitive advertising space on a specific article page. Your ad (and only your ad) is included within the specific article for as long as the content remains on our site. In other words, for a one-time fee, your … [Read more...]

Businessing Magazine’s Most Popular. Top 10 Articles of 2015 Q1

Sometimes it’s nice to know what other Businessing Magazine readers, many of whom are small business owners, find engaging and helpful. So here’s a list of the most read articles from the first quarter of 2015.  1. 2 Unique Team Building Destinations to Consider for 2015 This article helps business owners think beyond the ordinary when it comes to destinations for company … [Read more...]

2 Ways to Get Involved with New Book by Matt Smith, Editor of Businessing Magazine

Businessing Magazine Editor Matt Smith is currently writing a new book on small business strategy called Kill the Noise, which will be published soon by Maven Publishing. Kill the Noise will show small business owners how to get their small businesses to do more with less, and simplify their lives in the process. We wanted to offer two opportunities for the readers of … [Read more...]