Business Stress

Avoiding Substance Abuse Caused by Workplace Stress

We often think of our work lives and personal lives as completely separate. In reality, however, our jobs can have a significant impact on our personal lives, especially when it comes to stress. For some, stress can boil over and lead to a number of personal problems, from anxiety to addiction. Here are a few tips for avoiding a stressful work environment and avoiding the … [Read more...]

If You Don’t Have a Hobby, You May Be Hurting Your Business

Whenever anyone used to ask me what I did “for fun,” I would just kind of stare blankly back at them. Certainly, I’ve done a lot of fun and exciting things in my life, such as when I went sky diving off the coast of California or scuba diving in Cozumel, but these had traditionally been more along the lines of one-time occurrences versus actual hobbies. The truth is that I … [Read more...]

4 Guilt-Free Reasons Every Small Business Owner Should Get Regular Massages

Guilt is a powerful emotion that can make you do things you really don’t want to do. Like when you agree to join a local committee even though you barely have time to get your work done as it is, or when you tell a client that you’ll take on a larger project knowing that it is going to cut into your family time. On the flip side, guilt can also keep you from doing the things … [Read more...]

What to Do When Owning a Business Is Raising Your Blood Pressure

Although my personality is slightly Type A, always striving to do my best and getting impatient when I feel like I don’t have control, I had never had any health issues because of it—that is, until I became self-employed. Within a year and a half of leaving my job with county government and trekking out on my own as a freelance writer, I found myself sitting in the doctor’s … [Read more...]

7 Effective Tactics for Relieving Your Headaches Naturally

According to the World Health Organization, headaches are one of the most common nervous system disorders that exist today. With almost half of the population (47 percent) reporting that they’ve had at least one headache within the last year, I would suspect that small business owners make up more than their fair share of that percentage, due largely to the added stress and … [Read more...]