How Cleaning Services Can Help You Protect Your Business and Employees from the Virus Outbreak

A clean, organized workplace or commercial establishment is not only a constant booster of productivity and positive energy, but it also assures the health of the business’ employees. The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) threat has made us more aware of dangerous pathogens that turn into highly-contagious diseases. Now, extensive, thorough cleaning is needed more than ever in … [Read more...]

The New Work Trends Post COVID-19

The office hasn’t been the same since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world with a vengeance in early winter. For many people, the office hasn’t even been in use since February or March. The term “work” has taken on a brand new meaning as people adjust to new formats, and HR leaders all over the world are rethinking workforce and employee planning strategies day by day. The … [Read more...]

Keeping Customers Safe as The World Opens Up Again – A Business Owners Guide

Are you already counting the cost of COVID-19? The last few months have seen large and small businesses up and down across the country, struggling to keep their heads above the fiscal water. The fact that years of hard work, success, and earnings have been wiped away within just a few short months of lockdown and trade restrictions, is something no business owner wants to go … [Read more...]

Things Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Know During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy on people, but it has been especially hard on businesses, such as restaurants, that rely on creating a highly social environment. As many of us were forced to stay home, restaurants were challenged to reimagine the customer experience and deliver the same quality taste and signature flavors to our doorsteps. But with lockdown … [Read more...]

Personal Protective Equipment to Protect Healthcare Workers from Coronavirus

The Coronavirus outbreak has now spread to more than 200 countries around the world. As the virus grows, investors and companies are battling against time to manufacture and supply personal protective equipment to health and key workers to help flatten the curve. During the early stage of the outbreak, it was uncertain what personal protective equipment would deliver enough … [Read more...]

6 Businesses Thriving in the Pandemic Era, and How They’re Doing It

The pandemic is tearing across this country and the globe, and while some places handle it well, others struggle to enforce mask usage, practice social distancing, and use other scientifically-determined best practices. There is also massive job loss here in the US in many different industries; however, even with this adversity, we have to note that some companies have found … [Read more...]

Seven Reasons Why You Might Want to Head Back to the Office When COVID-19 Is Finally Over

COVID-19 has changed the way we experience the world in a lot of ways. We’re eating out less, spending less time with friends and family, and the kids are learning from home instead of the classroom, but one of the biggest changes has come to employees who now work at a computer from home instead of going into the office. In some ways, this has been a good thing. It can save … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Secure Your Files and Sensitive Data Post Covid-19

For many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to come up with new strategies and new ways of working that were totally unforeseen at the beginning of the year. Many organizations are now adopting looser working schedules when it comes to time in the office, with many employees working from home, there was, and still is, an increasing reliance on the internet. This … [Read more...]

4 Major Trends Caused by COVID-19 and How to Respond

Over the last half a year, the whole world has gone through a phase where fear and uncertainty dominate. It was, and still is, quite scary that the state of a global pandemic has altered our mindsets and heavily influenced the way we are thinking. Psychological shifts are a direct response to an unprecedented situation in modern history. Many new trends have developed in every … [Read more...]

8 Essential Tips for Reopening a Bar in the New Normal

In the past four months, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the global economy. It has especially been difficult for bars because they are establishments where people gather and close contact between customers is the norm in bars. Bar owners have waited with bated breath for the signal to reopen. Sadly, though, a cure for the Coronavirus has yet to be found. So, … [Read more...]