Office Safety After Coronavirus: What Office Managers Need To Do Consider With Cleaning, Door Safety and Social Distancing in 2020

For office managers, the Coronavirus pandemic has thrown everything into chaos and left you with many additional tasks to complete. And as the lockdown slowly lifts and offices across the UK begin to reopen, you now face a fresh challenge: safely reopening your workplace. Office workers will return to a workplace that is very different from the one they left, and they will … [Read more...]

Plants in the Workplace: Could They Slow the Spread of COVID-19?

This article is going to start with a disclaimer. The content here does not, in any way, claim that plants provide any cure or treatment for the deadly and devastating COVID-19 virus strain. The content below is not medical advice. Before we get into the details of this discussion, here are two crucial things to note. First, we do not know how infectious COVID-19 is in … [Read more...]

How to Build a Resilient Business That Withstands Crises

With the onset of COVID and its economic consequences, businesses and enterprises from all sectors of business are having to rethink their strategies as well as how to continue daily operations. Focusing on crisis preparedness is challenging even when things are going well, and much more difficult in the midst of a crisis. This makes it hard to devote much energy to it, but … [Read more...]

Some International Businesses Still Thriving During COVID

The COVID-19 crisis has been brutal for many businesses; however, some businesses are doing as well as ever. Entrepreneurs that are planning to start new businesses should pay close attention to the companies that are succeeding during this frightening pandemic. By doing this, they can learn quite a bit and choose similar business models that are likely to thrive. Of course, it … [Read more...]

3 Major Challenges Business Will Face after COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most companies to rethink their business strategies and create one that incorporates social distancing and isolation. In the meantime, enterprises are beginning to realize that it’s time to support the return to work while making necessary changes in the months ahead. The COVID-19 outbreak affects the ability of some businesses to repay … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Keep Your One-Person Business Going If You’re Unable to Work

When you run a traditional business, employees can help pick up the slack if you’re ill, injured, or otherwise unable to work for an extended amount of time. But if you’re a one-person business, being forced to take days, weeks, or even months off has the potential of causing damage to the point where you have to close your doors for good. This makes times like we’re seeing … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Keep Your Business Connected During Quarantine

In light of the major disruptions on normal business functions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, you may be wondering how to overcome the obstacles presented as a quarantined business owner. Using the tools of modern technology, there are many viable ways to counter this issue. Technology has grown to be more accessible and easier to use in the last few decades, so if … [Read more...]

COVID-19 Workplace Safety: Tips for the Employers with Essential Employees

The impact of the novel Coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, is global and the ongoing lockdown process is making life difficult for everyone, but mainly the working world. However, many states have adopted the concept of a "new normal" and have tried their best to just go with the flow. Now, with companies opening with employees back to running essential operation there are new … [Read more...]

Tips for Sustaining Your Growth Post Lockdown

There are many businesses that may struggle to survive once the worst of the Coronavirus has passed, but there are a few fortunate ones that have found growth during this period. If you’re one of these lucky few, sustaining that growth following the lockdown measures may be important to beating out the competition that will likely popup afterwards. So, what are the best ways to … [Read more...]

Could Risk Management Help Provide Opportunities for Traders in Difficult Times?

You may see the front page of the newspaper and dread to look towards the stock markets, and while talk of a recession may be on the lips of everyone, most people only have a passing understanding of the markets and how global events affect them. Luckily, those in the trading community can provide a more optimistic tone of voice for these unpredictable and tumultuous times. … [Read more...]