The Most Popular Mobile Games in 2021

With smartphones becoming an integral part of modern life, mobile gaming is gradually becoming more popular than its PC counterparts. Today, hundreds of exciting games, including Fireball Online Slot, can be downloaded from the app store for Android and iOS mobile devices. The popularity of mobile apps can be attributed to several factors. First, most modern smartphones are … [Read more...]

Lucky Irish Slot Guide

Play Lucky Irish today and get lucky with this aptly named game. Because it can be played when you’re on the go, as it’s available to download with iOS and Android, there’s nothing holding you back from this gambling game. It's the perfect way to pass the time when you're traveling for business. It’s also a great game for newbies who just want to dip their toe into the slot … [Read more...]

Gonzo’s Quest Slot Guide

Taking the actual conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro as vital inspiration, this online slot is wholly based in one of the most interesting and violent periods in modern human history. Can you imagine the feeling of learning that there is a whole continent out there that nobody knew about until you discovered it? Christopher Columbus must have been outrageously excited when he first … [Read more...]

Top 10 Best-Selling iOS App Store Games

With nearly 2 million apps on offer, the iOS app store is the second largest official mobile app store in the world. Many of those apps are games--some free, some paid, and some free, but with in-app purchases. The app store offers a massive choice of games, catering to all tastes, but there are some games that prove more popular than others, and Apple regularly releases a list … [Read more...]