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Top 5 Card Games Other Than Poker On Mobile

Top 5 Card Games Other Than Poker On Mobile

Card games are top-rated among Indians, and a few have been played here for centuries now. Some card games have their origin in this country, making them even more popular. In this article, we will talk about a few card games that are immensely popular among Indians apart from Poker. Of course, Poker is a top-listed game on online platforms, but we will dig deep into the world of card games and present you with some fun games that will also help you connect with virtual gaming enthusiasts.

For instance, the call break game is very famous!

The best part about online card games is that you get to socialize with your friends and family through virtual media. We suggest you stay at home and play card games given the current situation. This will keep you entertained and engaged for hours.

Whether you want to spend a leisure weekend at home in your pj’s or want a break from work, these card games always come in handy as you can play them 24/7.

If you face anxiety due to the work-from-home culture and the new normal taking a toll on your life, try card games. And they help you flex your brain muscles and strengthen your brain. It will stimulate your mind, improve cognitive skills, and lead to positive life changes.

You will be occupied for hours. If you have difficulty concentrating on studies or work, these card games are for you. The significant part is that they are available on all the legal websites.

You can download these games on your mobile device and start playing. If you have been looking for Android games, you are lucky because we will explore those as well.


One of the oldest card games in the country is rummy. Rummy helps in testing the mathematical analytical skills of players. Rummy has cultural significance in the country, and there are various kinds of rummy games in which you can indulge.

You play it with a 52-card deck. You need to know the rules of rummy and form the right sets and sequences to win the game. By playing rummy online, you can even win real cash prizes. Since you cannot play card games offline in clubs or at parties, you can enjoy them at home.

But first, you need to know about a pure sequence, impure sequence, and sets. You need to form various strategies and know-how to become an expert at rummy.

Call Break Card Games

Call Break card game is another famous game played online. This game is highly popular in India and is also played in Nepal and other Asian countries. This is a trick-taking card game generally played with 52 cards.

The multiplayer mode is present between four players, and the speed card is known as the default trump in the game.

Before you indulge in the cash contests, we suggest you go for the free games. You need to understand how the cards are shuffled and distributed, how the cards are numbered, etc. You also need to know about the other systems. For winning in the call break game, you have to analyze your cards and make the bids accordingly. Learn how to deal with high-value cards and read as many blogs as possible to understand how this works. You can even play this game in between work tasks.

Call Break card games have become extremely popular ever since the pandemic has hit the nation. However, it is not the only game that has gained popularity. The entire gaming industry has seen surging revenues ever since the pandemic started. People prefer to stay at home and spend time on online gaming platforms.

And there are plenty of reasons why they want to do it. If you are an introvert or someone who wants to spend their weekends in a low-budget way, then there is nothing like online card games. Be it a casual evening with friends or a virtual meeting with cousins, card games can keep you constantly entertained and keep you connected.


Blackjack, typically a casino game, is now being played online as well. It is another money-making game that you can play on virtual platforms. Do not worry, as they are available on legal websites as well. The rules of blackjack are just like the ones at a casino. There are various games in BlackJack, such as double attack blackjack, Vegas-style blackjack, Spanish 21, etc.

Blackjack is highly entertaining and is generally loved by all.

Satte Pe Satta

Satte pe satta is another popular Indian card game. The game aims to get rid of the cards that you have. The rules are pretty simple to understand, so it is one of the most popular ones. It would be best if you had two strategies every move so that you can block your opponent’s chance to eradicate the cards in their hands as well. There are plenty of websites where you can play this game.


Beginners can play a simple card game at line sites. If you have no clue about how card games work, we suggest you go for hearts at the beginning. The rules are pretty simple in this one, and you can win big if you strategize every move of yours. It generally involves three to six players.

So these are a few card games that you can play to pass your time indoors. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog. Read this Forbes blog to know more about some board games that can help you pass your time at home.

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