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Women Who Are Changing the Gambling Industry

Women Who Are Changing the Gambling Industry

Some people believe that the gambling sector consists mostly of men, but this could not be further from the truth. Women love gambling, and in 2021 they are actively changing the gambling sector and destroying these prejudices. Not many people know about this, so we are here to tell you all about it. Read on to find out about women running the gambling industry, one step at a time.

Female Gambling Habits Are Changing

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding female gambling habits is that they only like to play bingo. This may have had elements of truth many decades ago, but these days women are playing every casino game that you could imagine! There are tons of successful women in 2021 who specialize in all sorts of online casino games – read on to find out about specific female gamblers who we consider to be casino superstars!

Technology Has Resulted in a More Diverse Gambling Audience

One of the main reasons that female gamblers are more common than ever is due to how accessible playing casino games is in 2021. In the past, you would have to walk into a casino or bookmakers in order to play Poker, and back then, women might not receive the same treatment as men – we are so happy that this has changed. Nearly everybody owns a smartphone in 2021, and this means that anyone can access any game from their phone in their pocket whenever they please, and this has ultimately diversified the casino game audience.

Swedish Women Love Casino Games

If you are a female casino fan based in Sweden, then you are in luck – Sweden is not only a gambling-friendly country, but it also is one of the best countries for female gamblers. Sweden boasts over 50% of its entire casino game audience being female – that is a staggering statistic! However, it can be hard to find the right casino games for ladies at times – you will want to search ‘casino bonusar’ to find the best casino games and bonuses!

Women Bet Smarter and Practice Responsible Gambling

Another interesting thing to consider is that there are clear differences between how men and women bet on casino games, and women come up on top! According to data from Optimove, men on average place bets of ~£54.14, whereas women bet an average of £38.76 but much more frequently. This is a great practice for responsible gambling, and the data also shows that women are more loyal to a casino once they’ve signed up.

Casinos Are Focusing More on Their Female Audience

As we have explained, there are more females in the gambling sector than ever before, and this means that online casinos have had to adapt to this change. Have a quick search around on your favorite casino websites, and you will see that the general tone and design are a lot more neutral than they used to be. In the past, casinos focused on marketing their games towards men and used masculine language and images to do so – this is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Top Successful Women in the Gambling Sector

One of the best examples of a Swedish woman who is changing the gambling sector is Sofia Lövgren. Lövgren is a professional poker player, but her impact on the industry lies in her fantastic articles detailing her own poker strategies for her blog Poker Player Magazine. Through her writing, she has empowered thousands of women across Sweden and the rest of the globe to embrace casino games and destroy the stereotype that gambling is only for men.

Another fantastic example of a superstar female gambler is Norway’s Annette Obrestad. In 2007 she went down in history, winning over $3.9 million in live poker earnings at the young age of 19! Not only did she hit the jackpot, but she also walked out with her very own World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) bracelet, the youngest person to ever receive one.


Overall, it is clear that the online casino industry is no longer only targeted towards men. Women are changing the game by winning more cash than men, ditching the bingo in favor of playing the entire range of casino games, all on top of practicing responsible gambling. We love this – in 2021, it really does seem that women running the industry are the new norm! We encourage you to remember all of the points that were made in this article and consider them the next time somebody tells you that gambling isn’t for women!

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