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US Gambling Operators Poaching “Ready-Made Expertise” from the UK

US Gambling Operators Poaching “Ready-Made Expertise” from the UK

The business of online gambling continues to flow fast and furiously.

For the past decade, the United Kingdom, alongside the likes of Sweden and Germany have been the locations where the biggest online gambling companies have prioritized their resources and efforts. All of the aforementioned nations have government regulated gambling markets which allows licensed gambling operators to offer their services to the public for whom they operate. Companies with significant gambling companies under their umbrellas include the likes of Flutter Entertainment and Bet365, both of which have had their primary operations in the UK market for the past decade.

However, in the past year the emphasis has begun to switch away from the European gambling market for many of the big players in the industry. Online sports betting and casino gaming is slowly but surely becoming legalized in multiple states within the USA. According to Gambling 911, US gambling operators are poaching many of the experienced players who already have expertise from working within the ‘mature’ UK market. William Hill was recently bought by American gambling giant Caesars Entertainment so that they would have the ‘ready made expertise’ on hand straight away.

From the UK to the USA

According to The Guardian, “Caesars was instead keen on acquiring William Hill’s expertise, gleaned in the UK’s competitive £2.3bn-a-year online sports betting industry, to underpin an assault on the fast-growing US market after the Supreme Court overturned a long-held ban on sports betting in 2018.”

As state after state falls to the allure that a regulated online gambling market can bring to tax revenues, gambling businesses will switch their resources to the US gambling market which, according to Statista, is expected to be worth over $92.9 billion by 2023. Bear in mind, the UK gambling market is worth $5-$20 billion.

Why UK Expertise Is in Demand

The UK online gambling market is the most mature in the world and is made up of gambling experts from spheres including online casinos, online slots, sport betting, and esports. Despite the tension surrounding the upcoming updates to the 2005 Gambling Act, according to SlotsHawk, hundreds of new online slots are developed and released for gamblers on a monthly basis in the UK in 2022. The SlotsHawk team told us:

“The UK market is still alive and kicking even if the US attempts to poach our best talent! The online gambling and SEO industry is always able to attract new and highly creative and motivated talent.”

Certainly, the online gambling market is booming and the more expertise you have, the higher the wage you will be paid.

A Competition Heavy Market

Of course, competition will follow where the money is. Gambling companies based in the USA and abroad are investing huge amounts of capital in order to put themselves in a prime position to take a piece of the US online gambling pie. If one of the mega states such as California initiates a legal online betting market, then all of the companies who have so far invested heavily in America will be licking their lips.

However, competition will be so rife that it may be hard for any of the players to make big profits. For example, in the UK, online casino operators are beginning to pull out of the market due to the heavy competition which has led to lack of profits. While competition is almost always good for the consumer, it can also stifle any profits which can be made from the market.

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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