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The Live Gambling Industry and How it Works

The Live Gambling Industry and How it Works

With the current trend towards online gambling, we have seen more casino game players join and take up the use of online casino games. Some may argue that this might have taken away the feel of a real brick-and-mortar casino, walking into the casino and gathering around a casino table to enjoy their favorite game. However, all this is offset by the live gambling casino industry, which brings live casino action onto the screen of the players from any location. This article will look at the whole industry that provides live gambling, why it is increasing in popularity, and how it works.

What Is Live Gambling?

Well, as the name says, it involves the streaming of casino action onto the screen of the player who then places desired bets, all happening in real-time. From another dimension, it could be seen as taking a brick-and-mortar casino and placing it inside the devices which the player is using.

What Games Can You Play Using Live Gambling?

When it comes to playing live casino games, you can choose from various games including the best live roulette, monopoly, baccarat, blackjack, and poker. Unfortunately, slots are not available in the live gambling format.

How Does Live Gambling Work?

The method of operation of live gambling involves the following main elements:

  • The live dealer – As is with a brick and mortar casino, there is a live dealer who spins the wheel, rolls the dice, or deals the cards. The dealer is based in a room from which the transmission of the game action is done.
  • The table/wheel – For live dealing, another essential element is that of the game equipment such as a game table, wheel, dice, cards, and other related things. In the case of cards, they will be containing chips that ensure that the type and value of the drawn cards are automatically updated onto the screen.
  • The camera – The camera beams high-quality action and focuses. For practicality purposes, casinos may make use of three or more cameras that focus on the dealer, the table, and one that has the overall view of the room. The shots from each camera are transmitted alternately depending on where the action is.
  • Screen/display panel – Of course, this forms the bigger part of the interface between the player and the casino. This can be in the form of a mobile phone, laptop, or any device that the player will be using.
  • Software interface – Behind all this would be software that integrates the placing of bets, the action happening on the live dealer’s end, and the outcome of the betting round. It also provides for the interaction of players and the dealer through text or voice chat.

When you are placing bets on live dealer games, you would simply need to find the perfect casino that provides the service, register and open an account, deposit, and select your desired live game. You will have to read the game rules and the staking criteria as well. Take note of the time interval allowed for placing bets as this is short just like in brick and mortar casinos.

Advantages of Live Gambling

Live gambling presents various advantages which may simply not be ignored. These include:

  • A real feel appeal – When compared to other online gambling games, live online dealing gives a real feel of brick and mortar action as it is based on a live transmission of dealer action. Technology nowadays will make it easier to experience a more enhanced real feel with the advent of virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • Safe and secure – Some players feel safer when they see the real action rather than playing software-based games. This type of casino gaming eliminates such fears and doubts.
  • Bonuses – The beauty of online gaming is that you can be awarded bonuses that can be useful to make huge winnings or just to explore the various game offerings. Why would one not take advantage of these opportunities?


Live gambling offers many superior advantages over traditional brick and mortar or even software-based online casino gambling. It is worthwhile to pursue this option for players who prefer to have a real feel of dealer-based casino games.

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