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Why Online Casinos are Beneficial to the Environment

Why Online Casinos are Beneficial to the Environment

Recently, most of the world began turning to online versions of almost everything. You can have meetings, buy groceries, order food, visit the casinospill på nett, and so much more from the comfort of your couch. Governments and societies worldwide, especially in European countries like Norway, encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint. This is one way you can do it.

Our internal expert, Benjamin Reppersen, gives some interesting insights on the environmental impact of brick and mortar casinos and the advantages of gambling at online casinos.

Getting to the Casino

Once you decide to enjoy a session at a brick and mortar casino, you still have to get there. Whether it’s in your town or on the other side of the world, you’re going to need some form of transportation.

Cars, planes, and other vehicles burn non-renewable fossil fuels, releasing harmful emissions like greenhouse gasses. Considering this, you can see that just getting to the casino is already polluting the environment and using non-renewable resources.

When you decide to gamble online, you simply need to pull out your mobile device or laptop and go to the casino website. There’s no need to travel, and therefore, your carbon footprint is significantly reduced.

Inside the Casino

Casinos often have a mass of flashing, artificial lighting, so you can’t tell if it’s night or day outside. All the machines, lights, and cameras use a lot of energy. Most electricity in the world is made by burning coal.

Although 98% of it is from renewable sources in Norway, the amount of electricity used by establishments like brick and mortar casinos puts a lot of pressure on power grids. It uses electricity that could be distributed better.

Gambling online doesn’t use any more power than you would already have been using in your house. You would most likely have played a game on your phone or done some work on your PC, so it doesn’t increase your carbon footprint at all.

Around the Casino

Some of the most luxurious and best casinos worldwide have massive shopping centers and resorts built around them. These large buildings are used purely for entertainment and use an unbelievable amount of electricity and space and encourage people to use transport that increases their carbon footprint significantly.

Gambling and shopping online from home can give you the same thrill and even more products and services to look at and try.

Why Should You Care?

Yes, you have probably heard a lot about pollution and your carbon footprint over and over, but what does pollution do? And what is your carbon footprint?

Greenhouse Gasses

Gasses like carbon dioxide stay in our atmosphere and insulate the earth, trapping in solar radiation. This causes the world to heat up very slowly. Even a tiny change in this temperature can cause strange and terrible weather changes, natural disasters, and species to go extinct. This effect is called climate change, and it is one of the most pressing problems in our world today.

Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is something scientists have come up with to help people measure the amount of pollution they individually cause daily. It’s the total carbon dioxide emissions associated with all of your activities. To decrease your carbon footprint, you can do things like:

  • Use public transportation
  • Install energy-efficient lights
  • Install insulation instead of heating
  • Buy less meat
  • Buy products that have the fewest carbon emissions during production

Many scientists have theorized that if we don’t reduce our carbon footprint, climate change will worsen. We might lose many species and valuable artifacts forever.


Gambling at a brick and mortar casino can be a unique thrill. Still, the truth is that all those flashy lights, expensive shops, and even your drive there are harming the planet. Online casinos are a lot more beneficial to the environment. No one can enjoy their winnings if we squander the beauty of the earth we live on. Luckily, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of fantastic online casinos that you can sign up for from the comfort of your home.

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by Brian Perry // Brian Perry is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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