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Casino Facts That All Fans of Online Games Must Know

Casino Facts That All Fans of Online Games Must Know

As time has passed, casual gamers have started to view online gambling as nearly synonymous with online games. It should not be surprising since gambling was first mixed up with gaming for the first time back in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. In this game, we could place bets at the Vice Street Racer events.

San Andreas opened the doors to full-on gambling with casinos where the player could try the basics of Texas Hold’em poker and win money to power up their character. There had never really been gambling in gaming before this. You could find a few games replicating casinos, but nothing could act as a facsimile to the real thing.

Now in 2021, sometimes we cannot tell the difference between the two anymore. Gambling remains an integral part of gaming, but the gambling we knew in those video games are now available to us in the form of online casinos.

The good news is that we have our expert Jørgen Aasgen ready to explain a few things you should know before trying your luck at online gambling. If you feel like trying your luck after reading this, you can visit one of the many new online casinos offered at nye nettcasino, which works as an excellent directory for gamblers in Norway.

Now on we go with our countdown.

Get a Feeling of the Casino First

Before creating an account and flushing down your money, you might want to try and get the “feel” of your casino of choice. Try various games; if online poker is your thing, check if they have free demos of the games. Sure, you will frequently win on these free trials, and they are not a direct reflection of the experience when you play with real money, but you will gather an understanding on how user-friendly the casino you’re picking is.

Get a Hold of the Legal Situation of the Casino

You would think that anyone setting up an online casino it’s not doing it out of the blue, but you would be surprised at the fair amount of illegal operations out there. It’s better to go for the safe route and make sure your online casino of choice is properly accredited by your region’s regulatory entities.

In the case of Europe, any casino holding licenses in the UK and Malta are more secure. When it comes to Norway, the state is the largest regulatory body with two prominent institutions: Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. Look for the numbered ID issued by the regulatory body of your casino of choice on the main page. Don’t trust any online establishment that hides this information.

Read the Terms and Conditions of Everything

Online casinos are highly regulated by international laws, which means they must comply with a broad set of rules indicating the conditions of all their promotions. These are called wagering requirements, and they are attached to every bonus offered by the casino. So make sure to read all of it. We know these conditions are text-heavy, but you don’t want to score a big win only to then find out that you can’t make a withdrawal because you missed a legal requirement, right?

If You’re Hitting the Tables, Keep it Real

If you want to hit the tables, you need to step up your game and go with a clear head, just as you would do in a brick and mortar casino. First, remember the basics of poker:

  • Be selective with your hands
  • Be aggressive
  • Know how to bluff
  • Don’t be afraid to fold
  • Defend your blind spots by gaining as much awareness of your position on the table

This will be especially helpful if you are playing live poker with other players in an online room.


This is just some of the most basic advice we can offer for the time being. It’s quite interesting to realize how much of the brick and mortar experience has been translated to online gambling and how many gaming mechanics are being translated in the online casino industry. There have been quite a few advancements to make this online environment safer for everyone, but we still need to tread lightly and take precautions of our own.

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