Loyalty Programs

3 Contemporary Strategies That Can Help Expand Your Small Business

As a new entrepreneur, you may be wondering how you can expand your business. You want your products to reach as many people as possible, but maybe you feel like you’ve exhausted all marketing strategies. To be successful, you need to make as much of a profit as you can, but it also needs to be on a consistent basis. Two things you’ll definitely want to do are to attract new … [Read more...]

Should Vouchers Be Part of Your Company’s Marketing Strategy?

If you are looking to attract new customers and turn as many of them as possible into regular customers, it’s easy to see vouchers as a crucial piece of the puzzle. In research mentioned by smallbusiness.co.uk, 68% of UK consumers said that a voucher would tempt them to sample a business they had never previously used. However, whether vouchers can work for your business … [Read more...]

3 Clever Ways to Improve Customer Retention in 2021

2020 was an incredibly trying year for many businesses, but it also represented a significant boost in online sales traffic. The problem with online retail, however, is that it’s more difficult to use it as a platform to engage with your customers and cultivate a relationship. With more competition than ever before and the dire economic situation catalyzed by COVID, customer … [Read more...]

How to Inspire Loyalty to Grow Your Online Business

It’s one thing to have customers that shop at your ecommerce store, but it’s quite another to have loyal fans that love what you do. These are the people that become a backbone to your business and are the reason for your success. If you are struggling for repeat business, then it means that you haven’t done enough to transform your customers into loyal fans. It isn’t … [Read more...]

Adapting to the New Remote World

For small business owners, the current way of conducting business is anything but normal but adapting to the new normal is something that has to be done in order to maintain a healthy profit margin. The good news is that even though the current circumstances warrant changes, you can still come out on top. Data Provides an Abundance of Knowledge Human contact leads to future … [Read more...]

8 Sure-Fire Ways to Get More Customers Through Your Doors

Getting customers through the door is tricky business. In fact, only 15% of B2C products sales are closed directly through the Internet, so new acquiring new customers is as important as ever. Thankfully, there are some simple tactics to attract more footfall. Here are eight tips for getting customers to come to you: Don’t Be Afraid of Offline Tactics While the digital … [Read more...]