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7 Tips for Growing Your SMS Subscriber List

7 Tips for Growing Your SMS Subscriber List

Are you struggling to grow your SMS subscriber list? It is time to rethink your outreach strategies as SMS marketing campaigns offer better value when they are used to target a broader customer base. Here are seven tips for growing your SMS subscriber list.

Ensure Ethical SMS Opt-in

For your SMS marketing campaigns to be successful, you have to ensure subscribers opt-in the right way. This is one of the core SMS best practices as it saves you from running unethical or illegal campaigns while allowing you to build a high-value subscriber list. A proper opt-in requires express written consent presented to your audience, and this is best achieved by creating high-converting sign-up units. These onsite forms should use clear legal language and factor in compliance requirements for running SMS campaigns after users sign up.

Offer Promotional Incentives

Tap into the power of promotional marketing by giving your customers an irresistible offer for joining your SMS subscriber list. The fear of missing out and the appeal of getting better value for money will see more customers get on board. As you run these promotional incentives, it is crucial to keep your word and run an active subscriber program to reduce high opt-outs after a short while.

Create a VIP Family

Your customers love to feel special, and one way to quickly grow your SMS subscriber list is by using it to build a VIP program. This is an effective way of capturing repeat customers who are always the biggest spenders while building brand loyalty. It is equally a great way of customer segmentation, allowing you to tailor your marketing messages and offers to suit your clients’ buying behaviors.

Optimize Checkouts

Your checkout page is an important feature that you can utilize to grow your SMS subscriber list. However, much thought has to be given to your website checkout process design as you need a simple yet powerful page that limits shopping cart abandonment. As you add an SMS sign-up option, it is vital to make it a natural step when filling out personal and shopping details. You can then make it more enticing by using it as a channel to give shoppers extra value through special offers and discounts to encourage more opt-ins.

Use Your Current Subscribers

Leverage your current subscribers to run a valuable referral program whereby they encourage their friends and family to sign-up as they unlock better offers. This creates a win-win situation as you get to use your loyal customers as brand ambassadors while you gain from these new referrals. If you already have an email marketing list, you could also use these contacts to grow your SMS subscription by encouraging your contacts to opt for text notifications.

Utilize Your Social Media Presence

Social media marketing has revolutionized how you can engage with your target audience and get more leads. You can leverage this to grow your SMS subscriber list by using stories on your feed, incentives, and competitions to encourage SMS sign-ups. A great way to simplify this process is by including a link to a landing page that allows quick opt-in to your SMS program.

Do not Forget Offline Channels

Use offline channels such as in-store flyers, business cards, and live events to grow your SMS subscriber list by including strong CTA messages encouraging customers to join your SMS listing. All you have to do is have a shortcode number and encourage readers to send a unique keyword to it for exclusive deals.


Growing a healthy list of SMS subscribers is the first step to tapping into this powerful marketing channel, and using these tips, you will easily nurture a loyal customer base.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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