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How to Inspire Loyalty to Grow Your Online Business

How to Inspire Loyalty to Grow Your Online Business

It’s one thing to have customers that shop at your ecommerce store, but it’s quite another to have loyal fans that love what you do. These are the people that become a backbone to your business and are the reason for your success.

If you are struggling for repeat business, then it means that you haven’t done enough to transform your customers into loyal fans. It isn’t hopeless, however. There are a lot of ways to make this happen, but it does depend on you and your approach to how you treat your customers. From improved customer service, to providing added value to your products or services, you’ll have to do a bit of an overhaul. In this article, we will go over several of the things that you can do to delight your customers and have them coming back for more.

Make a Great User Experience

First and foremost, your site should provide a pleasant shopping experience. Make sure that the site structure is intuitive, so people know where to find what they are looking for. The experts at ConversionCode recommend paying close attention to the UX of any site so your conversions are always as high as possible.

When your customers are happy with the experience they are more likely to convert which is great for the short term, but they also keep coming back which is important for the long term.

Add User Generated Content

Customers become fans when they feel like they are part of the team. One of the most effective ways to let them feel this way is to let them have a voice.

In other words, include them in some of your content. This can be done by asking customers to submit an article to your website, or requesting that they share their social media posts with you. Feature your customers on your website and social media even if the content is not theirs. This is a good way to show your appreciation. Not only will those customers feel a sense of family, but others will take note of how you treat your customers.

Launch a Loyalty Program

One of the most obvious ways to keep your customers coming back is to launch a loyalty program. This can be as simple as having a discount or free item that gets applied after a set number of purchases. There are also ways to give dividends for purchases that can be given as cash at the end of the year or applied as discounts to purchases.

The key is that they should be easy for the customer to understand and even easier for them to use. If the program is overly complex, then it sends the message that you don’t really want to give them a discount or free product or service.

Have a Customer Appreciation Event

Set aside a day or week in the year in which your loyal customers get a discount or free item as a way of saying thanks for their business.

It should only apply to loyal customers so if you have an email list then this is a good way to distribute a code or coupon to those customers that are always coming back to your store.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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