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3 Clever Ways to Improve Customer Retention in 2021

3 Clever Ways to Improve Customer Retention in 2021

2020 was an incredibly trying year for many businesses, but it also represented a significant boost in online sales traffic. The problem with online retail, however, is that it’s more difficult to use it as a platform to engage with your customers and cultivate a relationship. With more competition than ever before and the dire economic situation catalyzed by COVID, customer retention is crucial.

Customer retention can be measured in a variety of ways. Using a loyalty program to track your customer behaviours is a particularly popular option and can also be used as a way of incentivizing repeat business. But how else can your business strive to drive greater customer retention as we move into 2021?

Aligning with Customers

Knowing your customers is just the first part of the puzzle. Filling the rest in means aligning your values and your goals with those of your customers. It’s human nature to empathize and feel a deeper connection with a brand that shares your values and if you want to be that brand for your customers then it means publicly aligning yourself with causes and ideals that are important to them.

This could mean anything from donating to a charity that is popular with your customers to building more of a community aspect into your customer loyalty program. With the power and vastness of social media, it’s never been easier to do just that.

Email Marketing

Email marketing might seem oddly “old fashioned” on the surface, but even in 2020, more shoppers admitted they were more likely to open branded emails from brands they trusted. Social media marketing, as powerful as it can be, is a completely passive thing with very little customer engagement. Email marketing, meanwhile, is more active and demands engagement.

The most popular brand emails are those that are personalized in some way. Make your emails feel like a personal message rather than blanket spamming. You can do this by making the subject line different for each recipient and by having the content reflect their past behaviors and purchases. Also, add in some member-only discounts to add further incentive. Be creative!


Subscription-based services are at an all-time high in lockdown, so now is the time to strike while that iron is at its hottest! Grabbing subscribers now and keeping them keen even after lockdown ends is going to be perhaps one of the greatest challenges you’ve faced but as long as you keep adding incentives and engaging with your users it’s certainly possible.

Remember, your customers want to be seen as more than just numbers racking up on your books. Netting and retaining loyal users and subscribers is all about making them feel special and making them feel wanted. Achieve that and you’ll be able to weather whatever else 2021 might have in store for you!

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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