Managing Change

Going Outside Your Comfort Zone

When I switched careers from law enforcement to writing, I felt completely out of my comfort zone. And when I moved from the east coast to the west, I was outside of my comfort zone there too. Since I did both at the same time, the word “comfort” wasn’t even in my vocabulary, as every aspect of my life changed with one five hour plane trip. That makes this a topic I’m extremely … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Embrace Change for Greater Small Business Success

This article is one in the multi-part series entitled The Entrepreneurial Mindset. In my pre-writing days, I worked for a local government office. Every time we would get a memo about an upcoming change in office policy or procedure, you could hear a collective groan coming from the cubicles around me. It didn’t even matter what the change was or whether it would make our … [Read more...]