4 Cultural Factors That Affect International Business

When working on international business deals, trying to negotiate contracts, and figure out marketing strategies for that particular market, being prepared (or not) for unexpected cultural factors can make or break you. This is why it's important to invest in cultural research early - before you have any hard-set strategies in place! It may be too late after everything is … [Read more...]

How to Win the Negotiation Tug-Of-War as a Freelancer

If you didn't know already, payment negotiations are an invisibly listed responsibility for any freelancing work. Many indie artists (we're calling all freelancers artists because they are) start freelancing but have no idea about how to tactfully get the price they want from their clients. We’re going to talk about the best strategies to help you achieve the price you want for … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Negotiating the Sale of Your Business

Selling your company could be one of the largest financial transactions you ever make, and that is why you need to be cautious every step of the way. A single mistake or oversight could end up costing you quite a bit of money or bring your negotiations to a grinding halt. These few tips will help you sell your company quickly while avoiding some of the most common mistakes that … [Read more...]