Product Management

5 Things to Avoid to Become a Great Product Owner

Facing a high amount of pressure as a Product Owner and slipping up every now and then is fairly normal. Product Owners have to ensure that the development team is on the right track, that customer requirements are being met by your product, and that it adheres to the proposed time frame. If you are wondering how to go about this, you could look into resources like this CSPO … [Read more...]

5 Private Label Business Success Tips for Beginners

Selling private label products is a great way to free yourself – and your business – from the hassles of manufacturing. You can focus on developing your brand and marketing your products while a reliable private label supplier handles the R&D and distribution for you. There are a lot of opportunities to seize and you can be more agile as a business with the help of … [Read more...]

Product Management Advice for Small Business Owners

For most small business owners, product management is one of a number of key operational processes they have to fulfill either by themselves or with a handful of employees already tasked with existing responsibilities. Given the multitude of hats they must wear to keep the company afloat, owners in this situation will often mix product management in with other duties, rather … [Read more...]

Contemporary Solutions for a Truly Efficient Warehouse

One of the most important things to organize well when it comes to providing quick and accurate shipments is your warehouse management. In order to minimize the time necessary for loading and unloading products and to provide easy access to every single item stored, you really have to take into account many elements. Since the importance of running a truly efficient … [Read more...]

Audio Interview with Brian Lawley on Becoming an Effective Product Manager

In this interview, Dean Rotbart and David Biondo talk with Brian Lawley, Founder and CEO of the 280 Group. The 280 Group works with organizations and individuals seeking to improve their product management skills through training, coaching, templates and books based on the group’s trademarked Optimal Product Management framework. A Product Manager, according to Brian Lawley, … [Read more...]