Retirement Savings

Fruits of Your Labor: Steps to Take to Enjoy a Happy and Healthy Retirement

If you are dreaming of a healthy retirement full of adventure, leisure, and, of course, fun, it is essential to start planning ahead of time. You want to give yourself enough cushion to do the things you want without having to stress about money or bills. Like all things in life, setting yourself up for an exhilarating life after work requires strategic planning and hard work. … [Read more...]

Rolling over Your Retirement Account in a Gold IRA – What’s the Point?

Most people are aware that the value of their retirement account can fluctuate, but what they may not know is that gold provides a hedge against inflation. Unlike stocks and bonds, gold has always maintained its value through the centuries. Gold IRAs offer tax advantages over traditional IRAs because there are no income limits to qualify for an IRA contribution. With a Gold … [Read more...]

How to Prioritize Yourself as a Small Business Owner

As a wildly successful business owner or entrepreneur, it’s all too easy to get carried away with your own success. You’ve put everything you have-- blood, sweat and tears-- into your fledgeling business and thanks to your perseverance, it’s paid off. You deserve your success! Focusing on your business is expected, but neglecting your own physical, mental, and fiscal health … [Read more...]

Instances When Selling Your Company Makes Sense

From the outside looking in, selling your business sounds a lot like giving up on your dream. After all, why would you invest your time, money, energy, and resources into a revenue-generating concept, only to offer it to the highest bidder? Though it seems counterproductive, many business moguls have chosen this exit strategy and reaped the benefits in their professional and … [Read more...]

Seattle Is Best for Retirees – Reasons to Hire a Local Mortgage Company for Home Buying

Retirees desire to spend their remaining life in a safe place with easy access to reliable healthcare, especially in this Coronavirus situation. An ideal city needs to have good weather and exciting ways of spending leisure time. According to a survey, Seattle did not rank on top of the list of best cities for retirees because its rent and housing costs are high. On the other … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Creating a Retirement Plan

Creating a retirement plan can be a big decision as there are many different kinds of retirement accounts available to you. Some are very simple, such as a 401(k), while others are more complicated. Various other types of retirement plans cover the whole gamut of investments, including those that cover IRAs, stocks, bonds, and others. If you're getting confused, then try out … [Read more...]

How Can I Get Better at Saving Money?

It is so important to save funds. The future is unpredictable and inasmuch as we want to remain optimistic, we also want to remember nothing about the future is guaranteed. The money you save actually is yours and will help you significantly whenever you find yourself in a needy situation. For instance, emergencies often strike at the time least expected. And by the way, it … [Read more...]

Investments to Make in Yourself for a Strong Financial Future

Reaching the golden age of retirement is the ultimate goal after working all your life. You want this time to be fun, relaxing, and most of all, stress-free; especially when it comes to your finances. From investing in everything from financial planning with a good advisor to bitcoin mining to real estate, and from your health to your lifetime goals, everything is important if … [Read more...]

Why You Should Consider a Small Business Owner 401(k)

Although you likely started your small business because you love the work you do and are able to be your own boss, if you’re like most of the small business owners that I talk to, you’re also looking forward to retirement. You may even know the exact number of years, months, days, and hours until you’re finally ready to turn in your keys and sit back and enjoy life a … [Read more...]