Time Management

3 Effective Time Management Strategies to Deal with the Inevitable

Life sometimes throws a surprise or two your way, dismantling your best-laid plans. It could be a health issue or an unavoidable event that you have to attend. In other instances, the workload is more than you imagined. Regardless of the reason, you have to manage time efficiently and tick off all the activities you intended to accomplish in a day. In a crisis, you do not … [Read more...]

Save Time on Admin Work with These Five Tips

No matter what industry you work in, admin work always takes up a lot of time. However, by utilizing the right strategies, you can ensure that you use your time in the best way and gain more time to spend on other important areas. Save time on your admin work with these five excellent tips. Keep on Top of Your Inboxes Letting emails build up in your inboxes means you will … [Read more...]

3 COVID-Inspired Tech Upgrades for Remote Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way business is done. More companies moved into the eCommerce bubble in 2020 as they abandoned brick-and-mortar operations. By April of 2020, web hosting platforms showed close to a 50% jump in requests for domain names. Needless to say, companies needed to quickly ramp up their tech during the pandemic. This also seems like the case as … [Read more...]

Time and Money: Why Purchasing Electronic Components Online Will Save You Both

Time and money. In business, they closely coincide, and an imbalance could spell disaster for your firm and your reputation. By keeping one step ahead and by looking past conventional methods of shopping, you and your business can reap the benefits of tailored costs and improved time efficiency, giving you the edge you need to drive your company forward and keep one step ahead … [Read more...]

Great Ways for Your Small Business to Save Time

While owning and operating a business is a goal that many people have, it is far from easy. You need to have a lot of start-up capital, solid marketing, and you will have to deal with a lot of competition. As you could imagine, running a business also takes a lot of time. In fact, the average entrepreneur or business owner will spend a ton of time on their business every week. … [Read more...]

Slow Tech Could Waste 24 Days of Worktime a Year

In this digital age, businesses are incredibly reliant on technology to get work done. This is especially the case for one-man-bands and small home-based businesses who may count on a single computer to keep things running smoothly from their home office space. This said, if the technology at hand is slow or outdated, it could become more of a hindrance than a help. … [Read more...]

7 Habits to Help You Become a Great Leader and Entrepreneur

If being a great business leader or entrepreneur was easy, then everyone would be doing it. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy being able to run their own business, make their own hours, and enjoy the fact that others appreciate what they say? The truth is that being an entrepreneur comes with plenty of great upsides and benefits, however, it takes a special type of person to be … [Read more...]

6 Tools and 4 Tips to Organize Your Time in a Better, More Efficient Way

Ah, time management – the bane of us all. Most of us procrastinate and avoid the tasks we know we are required to do by allowing ourselves to be distracted and pulled into less important duties. In the process, we lose valuable time that could have been utilized more efficiently. If you would rather have a more productive day, and learn from the same mistakes you make every … [Read more...]

Have the Courage to Do Less. You’ll Get More Done

In our neurotic, overachieving culture, there are many reasons we pile the wrong projects on our plate. Some may be well-intentioned, like helping out a friend or pursuing a hot new idea at work. But others aren’t. Like trying to keep up with the Joneses. Or letting financial fears drive all our decisions. Or accepting work assignments just to suck up to the boss. Every … [Read more...]

Here’s How to Handle 5 Business Operations That Are Utter Time-Stealers

Here’s one thing that everyone across the board needs to understand from day one - absolutely no business on the face of this Earth is 100% productive throughout the day every single day. That is, quite frankly, a ridiculous level of optimism to have. Having said that, there is also the fact that time and money are two of the most important aspects that no one likes to waste. … [Read more...]