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Save Time on Admin Work with These Five Tips

Save Time on Admin Work with These Five Tips

No matter what industry you work in, admin work always takes up a lot of time. However, by utilizing the right strategies, you can ensure that you use your time in the best way and gain more time to spend on other important areas. Save time on your admin work with these five excellent tips.

Keep on Top of Your Inboxes

Letting emails build up in your inboxes means you will always be behind on your admin tasks. So, dedicate specific times for handling emails and ensure you respond to each one as soon as you have read the message. Learn how to process information quickly, synthesize it, and turn it into action to make the process run quicker. Be super-organized too. Sort your emails into file folders and subcategories so you can tackle the most important correspondences first and then breeze through the rest.

Use Time-saving Software

Whether you are handling invoicing, managing workflows, or auditing, administration work always takes up a lot of time that could be best utilized in other business areas. But by using the right types of software and tools, you can manage those tasks more efficiently and effectively. For example, because PDFs are non-editable without specific software, you could spend a lot of your time copying and pasting PDF content into other formats like Word. A much quicker option is to use a PDF to word conversion tool. PDF conversion and editor software is getting better and quicker at converting formats. Other software and tools that can help you to save time on admin tasks include:

  • Social media management tools, which allow you to stay organized with the management of all your business social media accounts.
  • File sharing tools, which make it easy to store documents and share files with others without having to send large attachments in emails and wait a long time for them to download.
  • Invoicing software, which helps you to keep track of all your invoices, their statuses, and their due dates.

Do Not Multitask

While it is true that some people are better at multitasking than others, the general rule of thumb for ensuring you do not waste time is: do not multitask. When you try to do too many things at once, you cannot give each task your full attention, and that is when problems arise. Trying to multitask several admin tasks can also mean you end up getting hardly anything completed. So, multitasking can negatively affect your productivity. It is much better to practice mindfulness. Take each task one at a time. Your productivity and the quality of your output will then increase.

Organize Your Space

Make sure you keep your desk clear of clutter and that everything you need is nearby and highly organized. When all the tools you need to complete tasks are right there, you do not have to spend valuable time sorting through a pile of papers to find the right document or looking through stacks of files to locate your calculator.

Maximize Efficiency

Take a good look at how you manage your time. If you usually walk to the photocopier ten times a day because you only go when you are dealing with the next admin task, you can cut down your time by organizing your workload ahead of time. If you know which files you need to photocopy before you get to them, you can photocopy all of the documents you need for your workday in one or two goes. Plan all of your errands around the concept of efficiency, and you will find plenty of ways to save wasted time.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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