Work-Life Balance

Addiction in Corporate America

Addiction is a common problem across all demographics of people. It is important to recognize that substance use disorder takes many forms and affects people of all types—even people who appear successful from the outside may be struggling with addiction. It may come as a surprise to some that 11% of people who work in executive, administrative, managerial, or financial … [Read more...]

Why Earth-Bound Languages May Not Be the First Choice for Online Learners

"The limits of my language means the limits of my world."― Ludwig Wittgenstein. With the world off-limits to us at this time, is the face of language learning changing? As we have sat at home watching Netflix, fans of popular films and TV shows are taking it upon themselves to immerse themselves fully in these universes, perhaps due to the inability to travel elsewhere. Data … [Read more...]

How to Prioritize Yourself as a Small Business Owner

As a wildly successful business owner or entrepreneur, it’s all too easy to get carried away with your own success. You’ve put everything you have-- blood, sweat and tears-- into your fledgeling business and thanks to your perseverance, it’s paid off. You deserve your success! Focusing on your business is expected, but neglecting your own physical, mental, and fiscal health … [Read more...]

Seven Ways to Be More Productive When You Drive to Work

Many of us spend a lot more time in the car than we would like when driving to work. Although having a long commute gets a bad rap, because it can add up to hours each week that could be spent doing something else, it doesn’t have to be so bad. Avoid Texting and Driving Not only is it dangerous, but it’s illegal in most states. Be aware of your surroundings, so you can avoid … [Read more...]

Responsible Gambling Explained – The Rules to Abide By

Gambling casinos should be treated as a place where people have fun. To keep casinos such an environment, software suppliers and online operators are advised to comply with responsible gambling practices on their platforms. In this article we are going to look at how casinos and players can work together to achieve an environment of fun and responsible gambling. Factors of … [Read more...]

What Does the Future of Online Sports Betting Look Like?

The future of sports betting in most regulated markets around the world looks promising. Despite the global slump due to COVID-19, the industry has bounced back significantly during the past 12 months both in terms of market expansion and new legislation paving the way for advancements in previously unregulated markets. Moving forward it’s impossible to predict the future of … [Read more...]

Be Your Therapist Through Journaling

If there’s one thing that COVID-19 has taught us, it’s that our time here is precious. We have all been through an unprecedented public health crisis. As the signs and signals are showing promise, we have a new opportunity to look ahead to a brighter future. Many professionals are using this time to reflect on their career choices. It’s fascinating how the crisis can bring … [Read more...]

Fiberglass Vs Concrete Pools – What You Need to Know

When looking for an in-ground pool for your backyard, you will come across various designs and options. Some pool builders in the market will give you the option of choosing between a concrete pool or a fibreglass design. Now, trying to figure out which is the best pool option for your home might seem like the most challenging choice to make, but don't worry, we will look at … [Read more...]

UGears Wooden Models: Creative Gifts For Mechanics Lovers

Most entertaining activities leave only good memories and awesome emotions. However, the choice of UGears mechanical models allows you to get a practical result from your activity. At first, you spend one or several evenings constructing original models and have fun with your kids or friends. When the work is over, you receive an exclusive handmade accessory to decorate the … [Read more...]

Top Ways to Care for the Health and Wellbeing of Your Employees

As an employer, your primary focus may be on increasing profits, expanding your brand, and improving product or service quality. And while all these focus areas are essential, you should also prioritize your employees' health and well-being as they are the staples holding your business together. You can look forward to various notable benefits when caring for your team's … [Read more...]