Work-Life Balance

How to Survive Working from Home: Advice From Other Entrepreneurs

When people learn that I work from home, one of the first things they generally say is, “You’re so lucky! I wish I could work from home too”. I usually just smile in return when what I really want to do is tell them exactly what it’s like to work in the same place where you eat, sleep, socialize, relax, and take care of your family. Yes, I readily admit that there are many … [Read more...]

Business Got You Down? 4 Pick-Me-Ups to Help Improve Your Mood

There’s no denying that owning your own business isn’t for the faint of heart. Between dealing with the financial feast or famine cycles, trying to keep your clients satisfied, working relentlessly to find new clients, and still aiming toward having some type of a personal life, it can sometimes feel like too much. It’s like you can physically feel the weight as it is pressing … [Read more...]

5 Questions with Liselle DeGrave, Owner of DeGrave Communications

Liselle DeGrave loved her career in public relations, but also wanted to be home with her children. So she did what so many entrepreneurs have done--she left her job to start her own business as a freelancer. Liselle shares some of the lessons she's learned about running her business, DeGrave Communications, and being her own boss. What are the primary service(s) or product(s) … [Read more...]

Advantages of Owning Your Own Business (In Case You Need a Reminder)

Ever have one of those days (or weeks) where you wonder why on earth you ever started your own business? Your clients are whiny, your supplies didn’t get delivered on time, and your staff all forgot to take their happy pill. I mean, really. What possessed you to think that being your own boss was a good thing to do? Certainly, bad days are bound to happen from time to time, … [Read more...]

A Time Management Tip from Marcus Lemonis

In a filmed interview with Inc Magazine, Marcus Lemonis shares one of his strategies for organizing his day. Each night before going to bed Marcus says “I make a quick list of the things I know I have to deal with the next day. And I try to get those knocked out before noon.” Marcus goes on to explain that this is helpful because after noon he doesn’t know what’s going to … [Read more...]

How to Reach Your Small Business Goals and Have Fun Too

Reaching higher levels of business success typically means making a lot of sacrifices to get there. If you’re like most small business owners, you know what it is like to give up time spent relaxing with family and friends because you’re putting in 10, 12, and 16 hour days. You also understand what it feels like to give up a little bit of your sanity as you wade through the … [Read more...]

Is Having a Working Mother Good For You?

Coined in the late 1980s and solidified into the nation’s psyche with the 1990 Newsweek article “Mommy vs. Mommy,” the term “mommy wars” has once again been in the news. New research by Harvard Business School (HBS) found that adult daughters of mothers who worked outside the home when they were younger than 14 were likely to earn more money than daughters of mothers who … [Read more...]

5 Sacrifices Entrepreneurs Should Make to Succeed

There is a not-so-bright side to entrepreneurship that some people forget about while they are busy counting in the benefits of becoming a successful entrepreneur. And while fancy dining, traveling, and living the good life might all be possible with your entrepreneurial venture, to get there, you will need to do more than just sit and ponder the dream-like-side of the … [Read more...]