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The Benefits of Hiring a Certified Salesforce Consultant

The Benefits of Hiring a Certified Salesforce Consultant

No doubt, Salesforce is the most powerful and the most loved Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform in marketing. It is capable of managing almost all the customer-related processes of your business smoothly, effectively, and efficiently. Salesforce offers numerous benefits for your business to thrive significantly and to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Salesforce CRM platform, you need a professional Salesforce integration consultant who can streamline your business processes more effectively with the platform capabilities.

According to Forbes, Salesforce controls over 19.5% of the global market share– almost double the market share of its far-behind competitor SAP in 2018. The annual revenue of Salesforce in 2018 was recorded at $10.48 billion, which is 24.9% higher than the previous year’s revenue. In 2019, the total revenue of the company reached $13.28 billion with an annual growth rate of over 26.7%.

What Is a Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. It is a flexible, fast, reliable, and cost-efficient CRM solution. Salesforce offers great features and capabilities to manage a wide range of standard and custom business processes easily and effectively. To make the most of the features offered by Salesforce, hire a Salesforce developer who has a better and more effective understanding of Salesforce.

Salesforce software offers numerous solutions such as marketing, procurement, support, internet of things (IoT), data analysis, business intelligence, customer support, delivery management and much more. All of these features can help your business be more dominant in the marketing world if utilized correctly.

Major Benefits of Hiring Salesforce Consultant

Due to the benefits of a Salesforce consultant to an enterprise, almost all major companies maintain opportunities for Salesforce consultant jobs in the marketplace globally. This increased demand for Salesforce consultants draws an IT professional and a Salesforce developer to become a Salesforce consultant. The major benefits of hiring a Salesforce consultant are mentioned below.

#1 Innovative Approach to Business Solutions

Salesforce consultants are very well aware of the innovative approaches to solving current business problems. They work on complex business problems by devising the most effective business strategy to improve the return on investment (ROI) of the business. Salesforce consultants are also very well aware of modern technology trends and business process handling tools that can best benefit the company.

#2 Reduced Tech-Talent Hiring Cost

Hiring separate tech-talent for different processes is a more costly decision as compared to hiring a Salesforce consultant. According to the latest survey, consultants offer flexible modes of hiring and rates such as hourly rate, fixed-price, daily rate, monthly retainer, project-based price, and ROI and value-based. You can choose the most suitable form of salary when hiring a Salesforce consultant easily. Project-based constant hiring leads all forms of hiring with a share of 31.37%, followed by the hourly rate that accounts for 23.38% of hires. All these formats of hiring Salesforce consultants reduce the cost of business process automation and management significantly.

#3 Better Prospect Grabbing

Salesforce consultants help you position your enterprise to seize future opportunities. Salesforce exploits the great features of the CRM to increase user experience, marketing outreach, customer satisfaction, information-based strategies, and real-time monitoring of the business processes that help position the enterprise to grab a sizeable share of the future business prospects.

#4 Employee Skill Building

Salesforce experts are not only highly experienced, but also highly qualified and skilled with solution development, integration, and smooth operations. They are qualified from reputed institutes and hold professional certifications, and while working with the Salesforce consultants, your employees learn from the consultants. You can also fix a training program for your employees on top of the experience they receive from the Salesforce consultants. This way, you can increase the skills and expertise of your employees.

#5 Better Uses of Features & Capabilities

Salesforce CRM is a huge and comprehensive platform for almost all kinds of businesses and industries. It has so many modules of features, capabilities, and API integration, so it is very difficult for a normal engineer or business professional to use all of those features to the fullest capacity. Salesforce consultants have extensive knowledge of almost all modules, features, and capabilities of the Salesforce platform, and they know what feature works well for what.

Where Can You Hire Salesforce Consultants?

Finding the right Salesforce consultant is a cumbersome job nowadays. The present market is already suffering from an acute shortage of Salesforce professionals. According to the IDC forecast, there will be a huge demand for as many as 3.3 million for Salesforce professionals by 2022 globally. This continuous growth in the demand for Salesforce professionals has already increased the Salesforce consultant salary significantly across the global market.

You, as an enterprise, can choose the following ways to hire Salesforce consultants.

#1 Hiring from Out Staffing Companies

Hiring Salesforce consultants from out staffing companies for a fixed price to work dedicatedly on your business solutions is the best way of hiring Salesforce consultants. This mode of hiring works well for almost all sizes and types of companies globally because the average cost of out staffing solutions is comparatively low.

#2 Traditional Local Market

Another way that you can advertise your need for a Salesforce consultant is by publishing advertisements in local newspapers and yellow pages. But, this is a lengthy, complex, and costly solution. It is not a good choice for all kinds of companies.

#3 Social Media Websites

You can find Salesforce consultants on numerous social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Again, when using this strategy, you have to dedicate significant time to hire and decide the way Salesforce consultant will work with your team before you begin searching.

#3 Freelance Websites

A large number of individuals, as well as companies, are available on freelance websites like Upwork, Total, Guru, and others. You will have to go through a lengthy process of finding the right consultant and then passing through the other stages of hiring before you find the perfect consultant for your branch or work.

#5 Job Portals

There are numerous job portals such as Monster, Medium, Glassdoor, Naukri, and many others. These websites offer individual as well as solution-based hiring. You can choose the best one you deem suitable for your specific business needs.


Hiring a qualified and skillful Salesforce consultant will help you restructure your faulty business ecosystem through auditing and revamping of the business processes and infrastructure. Salesforce consultants help your business grab future opportunities more effectively and grow faster. These consultants could be an invaluable member in your company to help you achieve better user experience, effective marketing, greater sales, and higher productivity and consequently a faster return on interest ROI.

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