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10 Glass Display Cabinet Ideas for Your Storefront

10 Glass Display Cabinet Ideas for Your Storefront

If you have a retail store with a storefront, you want to make sure you are using that area to your advantage. With many types of stores, you will be able to put up glass display cabinets, which you can use as a means to showcase some of your best products. Different types of stores will naturally have different uses for these glass display cabinets. Let’s look at ten different ways that you might be able to use them in your storefront for different types of items and to help attract customers into your store.

Highlight the Collectibles

If you have a store that sells any sort of collectibles, you should consider putting a few of your best in a glass display case at your storefront. It can get the attention of the customers you want to attract if they are looking for exclusive items.

Seasonally Themed

Another way to use the glass display cabinets is by decorating them according to the various seasons. You could have one decorated for spring and one for fall, for example, and showcase products that you have on sale based on the season.

Showcase Jewellery

If you sell jewellery, watches, or similar types of accessories, you might want to have a display case located right toward the front of your store, so people can see it as they walk past. The shiny display could catch the eye of potential customers and lure them into the store.

Phones and Other Electronics

If you sell the latest and greatest electronics, why not have a few of them on display right at the front of the store in these glass display cases. People will be enticed by a teaser of the new gadgets you have to offer and will come inside to see more or see prices.

Make a Scene

It might be fun to use the displays to make a scene or display that can get people to stop and look. If it is interesting, it could entice some people to come inside and find out more about the excitement they saw from the window.

Put Similar Products Together

The glass display cases are a nice way to put similar types of products in the same place, so you can show them off together. People will be inspired to purchase bundles of items that go well together if they are advertised well together in a display case.

Show Gift Ideas

People are always looking for ideas on what to give their friends or family. Use the display cases to show gift ideas for various holidays and coax them to find the perfect gift within your store.

Create an Outfit for Display

Why not put together an outfit that goes well together from the clothing you sell. Include a top and bottom, as well as some accessories. People will be intrigued the combination and will hopefully purchase more than one item because of the demonstrated cohesiveness.

Use Pictures in the Glass Cabinet Display

If you are working in real estate or a field that doesn’t sell products in-store, consider using pictures. Pictures of homes and land for sale, for example, can bring interested people inside. Window art also informs people of your service without customers seeing the sign.

Baked Foods and Other Treats

If you have a bakery or other type of store that sells food, putting some of your items on a glass display case near the front can be a great way to get more traffic into the store.

These are just some of the ways that you can use glass display cabinet ideas for your storefront. Keep thinking outside of the box and find even more ways to use them.

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by Lottie Pritchard // Lottie Pritchard is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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