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How to Increase Revenue for Your Business Through YouTube

How to Increase Revenue for Your Business Through YouTube

If you have any type of business, whether it is online or a brick and mortar, you should be using YouTube. It is a fantastic way to reach potential customers and increase brand awareness.

If you already have a YouTube channel, then hopefully you are using it to its fullest potential. When people imagine YouTube, many people think of famous Youtubers who are generating a full-time income, or even larger, by making videos that get millions of views each.

You can make money off of Youtube even if your channel is small by taking advantage of everything the platform has to offer. Here are several ways you can make even more money using YouTube by doing a few simple things.

Sell Your Swag

Selling clothing associated with your brand is a good way to make extra money without spending a lot upfront. There are a lot of ways to go about it so here are a couple of examples. Let’s say you have a cooking channel. Then you can get some t-shirts made by direct to garment printing with some clever phrases.

You may not have much success with your brand or logo from your channel, but funny shirts related to cooking or food will work just as well.

If you have a brick and mortar type business, then you could do the same thing and sell through your YouTube channel rather than solely in your business. All you need to do is have a link in the description box to where they can buy the shirts or other products.

Create Classes

Using a CMS (Content Management System), like WordPress, makes it easy to create a website where you can offer classes. Whatever your channel is about, there is a good chance that you can create a type of master class site.

For instance, if you are a realtor, you can be using YouTube to promote your services. There is definitely a market of people who would like to learn how to be a more successful real estate agent.

Create a series of classes with videos, then have a website with a membership option to develop a committed following. Using YouTube, you can send people over to your offer and have them sign up. Just do a little research to find out how much you can charge.

Licensing Deals

News is a 24-hour cycle and there are many media companies that need to fill that cycle with content. When you have a video that goes viral, there are many companies that could potentially be willing to pay you to use your footage.

If you regularly make videos about events within a particular industry, then media companies will need that footage, especially if it contains a newsworthy story. It is a win-win situation. You make some extra money for something you are already doing, and they have content that they don’t need to have a paid staff to produce. All it takes is for something happening in your industry to make the news and your content to be the best report on it.

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