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Top EdTech Companies That Enhance Learning

Top EdTech Companies That Enhance Learning

EdTech is a portmanteau of the words “education” and “technology.” It refers to the utility of technology in enhancing both teaching and learning processes. It also aims at simplifying these processes to make them student friendly.

In the modern era, digital content is quickly becoming the primary mode of learning, especially in emerging economies. Know-hows like VR, AI, and IoT are rapidly being adopted within learning environments and for the improvement of various curricula for tutees. One good example is School OS, which is among the most popular learning startups worldwide.

EdTech is an educational platform powered by artificial intelligence that can analyze an institute’s data then offer customized counseling services to both parents and educators. It greatly enhances the engagement of students. To sum it up, the EdTech platform enhances the conventional teaching approaches and improves communication between parents and the institute. Below is a highlight of some of the top EdTech companies.


This is an online-based EdTech platform that ranks among excellent examples of how EdTech is leveraged to offer learning access on a global scale. Coursera has partnered with top companies and teaching institutes that connect tutors and their students all over the world.

To date, this EdTech company has secured financing worth more than USD 145 million. The EdTech firm is projected to experience tremendous growth in the customer base within the coming five years.


BrainGroom is among the prominent EdTech firms within India. It’s an online open market offering educational daily life lessons. BrainGroom connects tutors from all over the world to various target sectors, and, since its inception, this EdTech company has raised close to $5 million for extension plans. What’s more, its expansion into other APAC countries has made it among the fastest growing.


HelpHub is an instant learning platform that offers both students and tutors an opportunity to collaborate via web and mobile gadgets. One major factor that makes this platform highly widespread amid the tutee-educator community is the capability to offer deep evaluation of every interaction occurring within the platform.


StudySoup began with a seed capital of 1.7 million U.S dollars. In 2018, StudySoup was ranked amongst the ten best EdTech corporations. In this connected educational open market, collegians can sell high-quality study resources. Moreover, StudySoup is a peer-to-peer education platitude that permits tutees to earn money through the sale of notes, guides, and tutor services. You can also make money as an essay writer.


CodeMonkey is an EdTech company that aims explicitly at teaching children how to code. It operates based on combining learning and play. Its coding program is known as CodeAdventure. The program bolsters the expansion of crucial functional skills, including planning, the capability to solve issues, and geometric and mathematical logic.


Byju’s is another trendsetting EdTech establishment based in India. It recently began talks with SoftBank in connection with other stakeholders to crowdsource between 200 and 250 million U.S dollars to finance its plan for global expansion. Users can access services via a yearly subscription.


ClassTag is an EdTech startup that primarily focuses on the K-12 level education. It goes past helping tutees in daily studies by assisting teachers in the scheduling and organization of events, conferences, and developing newsletter campaigns. Through ClassTag, parents and educators can also enjoy customized communication with educators to maximize convenience. Upon its launch, this platform offered free supplies related to the classroom in addition to price-cuts to tutors, all amounting to $3 million.


EduKart is another exceptional K-12 EdTech company. EduKart provides over 2000 diplomas, degrees, K12 courses, and entrance level tutoring. This firm offers a plethora of distance education, online, and correspondence diplomas, and degree programs. Paytm, an online payment service, bought EduKart in 2016.


On a global scale, BeED ranks among the most rapidly growing EdTech establishments. The learning platitude is based on experimental learning. BeED offers unique educational experiences that attempt to close the gap between app and textbook-based learning by integrating education and travel.


Simplilearn is an EdTech establishment based in California and Bangalore, India. This startup offers specialized online academic programs in subjects like cloud computing, electronic security, data sciences, digital selling, and project controlling.

Closing Remark

It can be argued that EdTech is the future of learning with vast unexplored opportunities. What’s more, diverse EdTech startups get established each day, meaning that there are bright prospects ahead.

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