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How to Ensure that Your Shipment Arrives Safely

How to Ensure that Your Shipment Arrives Safely

Whether you’re running an online business, or you’re just selling a few spare items through eBay, it’s critical that your items arrive at their destinations in good condition. Damage inflicted in transit, especially if it’s as a result of neglect on the part of the sender, can cause reputational damage on the sender. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that can help ensure that the package arrives in a respectable condition. Let’s take a look at them.

Package Appropriately

The more substantial the packaging, the less likely it is that bumps and scrapes will impact the goods inside. Electronic goods will often come encased in polystyrene; add to that a double-walled cardboard box and you have something solid and secure to ship devices in.

Bear in mind that your item is likely to be stacked atop another item while it’s on the road – or perhaps it might be at the bottom of the pile. With this in mind, bendable materials, like plastics, should be avoided.

Fill the Box

Perhaps even more important than the outer shell of the box should be the tightness of the fit inside. The more room your goods have move around inside their box, the probability of the item breaking increases. Fragile items, like vases, should be wrapped in bubble wrap and then packed with Styrofoam or polystyrene. If you’re sending a lot of items, then you can economize here by buying the packing materials in bulk. Note that you don’t want to stuff the box until the contents are pressurized, but tight enough so that it can’t move more than a few millimeters, and that every motion is cushioned.

Tape Up

When you’re sealing the box, not just any tape will do; you need parcel tape that’s tough and designed for the job. If the contents of the box are fragile, then look for tape that indicates that it is for boxes with fragile items inside. Labelling of this sort isn’t a guarantee that your item will be handled with care, but it might provide the courier with a gentle reminder to proceed cautiously.

Get the Addressing Right

Your address will need to be clear and unambiguous. If you’re re-using old boxes, then be sure that any existing address information has been removed.

It should go without saying, but you should also double-check that you’re sending the package to the correct address. You can eliminate the possibility of error with address-finder software, which will allow you to choose from several addresses based on the postcode being input. Be sure to include a return address, as this will expedite matters on the rare occasions that there’s a problem with the item you’re sending.


If you’re sending high-value goods, then the cost of tracking, like that provided by Parcel2Go, pays for itself. Many modern customers will expect to be able to see where their package is at any given time – and it’s now possible to provide exactly that information.

The next time you or your company needs to send a package, be sure to follow these few tips to help ensure the delivery of an undamaged, high quality product.

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