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Website Benefits of Live Chat

Website Benefits of Live Chat

These days, it’s rare to visit a website that doesn’t have a live chat feature. There’s a reason for this. Well, actually, there are several reasons for this. Businesses ranging from e-commerce sites, to doctor offices, to law firms love using live chat agencies because their clients and potential clients get the attention they need and deserve even if the site operator, doctor, or attorney isn’t immediately available. If you don’t already have a live chat feature on your website, these benefits should convince you to make it happen.

Instant Connection

Clients and potential clients don’t like leaving messages when they can’t get a hold of who they need to talk to. They would rather hang up the phone and try again later than to play phone tag. But this means that as a business, you’re potentially missing out on converting a lead to a customer when they decide to work with the person they can reach instantly instead.

Just think about that for a minute. Someone visits your website and calls your office only to get your voicemail. Instead of leaving a message, they move on to the next website of a competitor that has live chat. They’re able to get their questions answered right away and end up becoming a client that day. You’ve lost a sale and your competitor has gained a customer.

Multitasking While Waiting

Even if a client or potential client has to wait a few minutes for a chat representative to become available, they can do something else while they wait. They don’t have to sit with a phone to their ear, unable to get other things done during that downtime. Multitasking is very important in our busier-than-ever world and people hate to waste time. In the past, hold times were just that: wasted time, but with live chat, it can actually be productive.

Record of the Conversation

Live chat provides a transcript of the conversation so that the client or potential client can access it any time they need assistance with the same issue. This is particularly helpful for potential customers who are comparing services or products. They can return to their chat and be reminded of the details so they can accurately compare two or more businesses. Even though email conversations are also recorded, it’s much easier to follow a chat transcript than trying to filter your inbox for the email you’re looking for or find the particular thread you need to make a decision.

Additionally, the chat provides a record of the conversation for the representatives too. If a client chats back in with the same issue, the new representative can determine what was done on the previous chat so they don’t just keep trying the same troubleshooting process over and over again, which only annoys the customer. They don’t want to rehash their conversation with every new representative they reach and chat helps get right to the point.


Using a live chat agency on your website makes sure you can provide attention to every client or potential client who visits. This satisfies both the customer and the business, so it’s a win-win tool that can make everyone happy.

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by Harvey Carr // Harvey Carr is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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