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How Silicone Can Help Your Business Go Green

How Silicone Can Help Your Business Go Green

Do you want to reduce the carbon footprint of your business? Do you want to use greener products and help your company to play an active role in planet conservation? One of the simplest things you can do is to integrate silicone products and materials into everyday functions of your company.

Silicone products have been around since the 1960s, but they haven’t always been as popular as they are today. If you are concerned about the negative effects that your company has on the environment, then you should consider these materials for the vast benefits they provide your company and the planet. If you’re on the fence about using these goods, then here are some reasons why they are so advantageous.

It’s Energy Efficient

Greenhouse emissions are a huge concern in the construction industry. Did you know that by replacing your current additives with silicone ones that your business will emit 13 times less greenhouse gas emissions than before? During all phases of the process from manufacturing to disposal, if you use silicone additives, your company will put nine times less GHG into the air. Making use of silicone is an efficient way to reduce your negative impact on the atmosphere.

Lifecycle Costs Are Reduced

When you consider operational costs and the overall figures from the lifetime of a product, it’s clear that silicone products come out on top. If you would do the math and compare silicone sealants with the marketed urethane ones, you will see that the savings are significant, which is a benefit to your business. Also, when caulking and re-caulking windows, doors, or other drafty spots in your office or warehouse, silicone gives you the durability you need, at a cost-effective price.

One thing that you should also consider is that a silicone sealant will last more than three times longer than other varieties. Researchers did a study, and rather than using traditional masonry to fill in around bricks; they used silicone additives. The results were remarkable. Putting silicone additives in your insulation materials makes everything work better and lessens your budget.

Silicone Protects Your Building

With time, the outside of your building will need maintenance and repair because of the natural wear and tear of weather, but over the years, paying to upkeep the exterior of your building becomes expensive. However, when you apply a colorless silicone treatment to the outside, it not only helps to avoid maintenance issues, but it can extend the lifetime of your building’s exterior, as silicone can bond with most materials in a construction site. For instance, it can easily bond with glass, granite, concrete, steel, aluminum, marble, and plastic.

As a result, many businesses are switching to these silicone additives because of their extreme durability and versatility. Additionally, it will provide a layer of coverage to assist with UV resistance.

Silicone sponge sheets are used to insulate buildings as a moisture barrier to the elements, and they can be used in many other applications too. They come in a varied assortment of thicknesses, are adaptable, and compressible.

Operational Savings

Utility costs are one of the major expenses in any business. However, whether it’s hot or cold outside, outside air can seep through the joints and cracks in your building. Your HVAC system will constantly try to the temperature changes that are cause by this air coming in through every nook and cranny of your space. However, you can reduce your utility costs by simply using a silicone sealant to fill in small places that air gets in. A little bit of sealant doesn’t seem like a lot, but taking the pressure off your HVAC unit will reduce utility costs as well as help with longevity.

When you fill those cracks with silicone, you may be surprised at some other benefits it provides. For instance, did you know that silicone is extremely flexible? It can withstand up to a medium-sized earthquake without cracking or moving. Plus, when added as an insulation material such as glass windows, then the GHG emissions are impressively lower.

Making the Switch

Silicone products are all around you, but you may not be utilizing them to save money and improve GHG. Why not consider using some of these products to change the carbon footprint of your company and help the planet? Not only will you save money, but you will be giving back to a world that is in desperate need of conservation efforts.

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