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A Wellness Program Can Work For Your Work

A Wellness Program Can Work For Your Work

Apps and devices intended to help us live a better and healthier life are all over the market these days, and every tech store has a new gadget that promises to change our lives. While the fitness devices that we wear on our wrists might not be so great, the wellness programs available for them actually are. A lot, if not most of us struggle to maintain the balance of modern living, and fitness is an energy expense that we feel we can barely afford. On top of that, there’s constant competition from every direction, and while studies have shown that competition is a better motivator than social support alone, it can become overwhelming very quickly.

Wellness Solutions

A healthy way to compete socially would first require a sense of self-made achievement, which can be done by reaching easy goals through a good wellness program. Wellness challenges for work that allow customized rewards and achievement structures are the best way to motivate staff members. Cash rewards through the payroll or even paid time off are great rewards for achieving goals as set by the company through the wellness app.

These programs are basically systems that progressively monitor vital signs and general activity to compile it into an easy to understand, analytical layout. This allows every staff member to track their own achievements, making for a healthier and happier employee and a more functional individual.

Personal Benefits for Employees

Physical exercise is not a luxury but a necessity, as we all need to reach a moderate level of active movement every day in order to stay healthy. The time to incorporate this into a busy day could be assisted and made easier by the integration of a wellness program maintained by a company. It has been noted that with each achievement reached, the activity of each individual started to increase, and as they connected with more of their colleagues their activity in the program increased again.

Being rewarded for a small achievement is often, quite archaically, perceived as an unnecessary praise for something that is a standard behavior. Acclaim is earned by being the best, agreed, but recognition of the effort of others is needed in order to give value to the success of the best performer and to motivate people to continue trying toward their wellness goals.

It then goes without saying, that a “happy employee, happy boss” scenario is actually a realistic and achievable ideal. A state of social order within business functionality is a difficult achievement, and to incorporate the mental health and physical wellbeing of staff into the mix would have been thought an impossibility. The fact of the matter turns out to be quite a different story. Interdepartmental activities are more functional and profit margins are noticeably better when people are happier and healthier as a result of better physical wellness. And, with everyone aiming in the same direction and having the same goals in mind, reaching larger goals together as a company, really is a worthwhile endeavor with fantastic returns.

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