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5 Employee Appreciation Ideas Your Team Members Will Love

5 Employee Appreciation Ideas Your Team Members Will Love

Most companies out there are full of creative and hardworking people who eagerly contribute, but not all of them are acknowledged for their work. If you want to make sure your team members know you care, you need to keep coming up with ways to show them appreciation. That being said, we singled out 5 employee appreciation ideas your team members will love.

Celebrate Your Team Members’ Birthdays

Most people enjoy celebrating their birthdays with their co-workers. So, why not organize quick birthday parties during breaks or after work hours? All you need to do is order a cake and play some music for your team. When it comes to birthday presents, bear in mind that most employees like the idea of getting a day off that they can use whenever they want. If that’s not an option, you can at least give them a day off from certain office chores.

Choose Rewards Based on Individual Interests

Nothing shows how much you care better than a reward chosen based on an individual interest. Want to reward an employee who performed well last month? Think about what they like or what kind of hobbies they’re into and use that to come up with a perfect gift for them. Even the smallest things like ordering a book from their favorite author or buying them tickets for a local event they’re interested in can make a team member happy.

Prepare Gift Cards

Giving your team members gift cards will, no doubt, make them happy. Though, sometimes these cards end up expiring simply because employees don’t know what to spend them on. This is why you might want to consider handing out things such as a prepaid Visa card that can be used in any store that accepts either Visa or MasterCard. This includes both physical and online stores. These little things come in different designs, meaning that you can opt for something like a “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” gift card.

Create a “Meet the Team” Section

If you want your customers to learn more about the company and show your employees that you care at the same time, creating a “Meet the Team” section on your website is an amazing idea. Hire a photographer who’ll take photos of your employees and come up with ways to praise each of them publicly. Another thing you can do is asking them to write their own bios and design digital avatars your customers will be able to relate to.

Have Informal Lunches

No matter how big your group is, spending some time with your team members outside the office is a good idea. The best thing about having informal lunches with them is that you’ll get to learn more about each of your workers, which should make keeping them happy a lot easier. Not to mention that these meals can serve as a great way to discuss some important business matters without the pressure of the office, but rather over some burgers and fries. You can even host a company picnic and enjoy some fresh air with your employees.

Showing your team members that you care won’t only increase their productivity but it’ll also make them more likely to stick around. Therefore, if you want to build a team that will take your company to the next level, considering these five employee appreciation ideas is a must.

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