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Boosting Morale in Your Small Team: a Guide for Managers

Boosting Morale in Your Small Team: a Guide for Managers

It’s undeniable that having productive employees has a huge positive impact on a company, but the job to boost a team’s morale is the manager’s job.

Employee Benefits

Having great benefits does not only entice new employees to apply to your company. It is also one of the most cited reasons why employees stay in their company.

Some other companies only offer the most basic benefit packages to their employees. However, your company can always offer more accessible benefits. Different types of insurance and paid vacations can also be a good way to boost morale.

However, recently, more and more employees would rather have flexible working schedules added to their benefits. Allowing your employees to work from their home and only report a few days a week is becoming the norm because of recent global events. This improved worker’s attentiveness and productivity as they are free to rest whenever they get stressed.

Flexible Benefits Platform

Speaking of benefits, a recent survey suggests that a whopping 33% of employees do not understand their benefits. This is a huge problem as employee benefits are one of the most effective ways to boost employee morale. Even if they have great benefits, it will do your company no good if your employees are not aware of them.

The easiest way to solve this is to provide a flexible benefits platform to help your employees with any questions they have regarding their benefits. Having a benefits platform is not enough, as different benefits packages are offered for different employees. Your platform should be flexible and can be customized to handle any employee you have. You can do your research into the many options available, but one option could be this flexible benefits platform.


Whenever an employee feels uncomfortable in their working situation, it should be your duty as the manager to communicate with them. Simply telling them what to do and when their deadlines are is not a form of communication. Instead, ensure that they feel comfortable enough to talk to you when there are problems arising.

Offering to hear their feedback is one of the ways you can ensure that there is clear communication between the team and the management. Employees want to receive positive feedback for the things they did right. If there are mistakes, you can always offer constructive criticisms.

Team-Building Activities

Always remember that you are handling people who have lives outside of their work. They do not need to dedicate their entire life to their jobs. Too much stress will lower the productivity rate that might even lead to them quitting. This is why team-building activities are one of the most awaited events for employees.

It’s almost a staple in every company nowadays to have at least one team-building activity for the year. However, you have to ensure that these team-building activities are not compulsory. Some employees will also rather stay at home and rest to improve their productivity rates.


Once you know how to boost your team’s morale, you will see positive results in no time. As a team manager, it is important that you can help your employees feel less burdened with their work. A happy workforce is known to be more productive. You don’t just want to be a business that focuses on results. You also want employees who come to work with a smile on their face and are excited about the future.

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