Team Building

Boosting Morale in Your Small Team: a Guide for Managers

It's undeniable that having productive employees has a huge positive impact on a company, but the job to boost a team's morale is the manager's job. Employee Benefits Having great benefits does not only entice new employees to apply to your company. It is also one of the most cited reasons why employees stay in their company. Some other companies only offer the most basic … [Read more...]

Top 5 Tips for Making the Office a Fun Place to Be

Coming to the office means working hard because you can only have fun when you get home in the evening! This is a mentality that many people have, but it is totally wrong. Research has proven that happy employees are more productive. To ensure your employees are happy you must ensure that they have fun at work. How can you do this? Here are five tips you will find … [Read more...]

The Return-to-Office Guide for Managers: Three Ways to Motivate Your Team as They Transition Back to the Office

“Our boss set a date. We’re heading back in a few weeks. The vast majority of my team, including me, is unhappy and just can’t understand the rush to return to our building.” Recently, I’ve had this conversation again and again as I’ve talked to the managers I’m coaching. They, like many on their team, aren’t ready to leave their home offices and fall back into a work … [Read more...]

3 Company Retreat Ideas For 2021

While it may be something you’ll consider as costly, hosting a company retreat is one of those events that can bring about positive change to your company. It's a chance for you to give your employees a restful break. It may take place while they still learn a little bit concerning their job. Events like these may also help create an impression that your company has a good … [Read more...]

Seven Good Ideas to Manage People in Your Business

Build and Nurture Effective Relationships It takes time to effectively nurture a team and build trust among your employees, but this shouldn't discourage you from taking necessary action. Collaborate with your team in a way that is kind and understanding and it will pay off significantly. You can offer them classes to build up their knowledge and make operations more … [Read more...]

Business Team Building Activities to Consider After COVID

Healthy relationships between employees are the foundation of a robust and well-founded company culture. Actually, 88% of employees and 94% of executives consider such relationships very critical when it comes to business success. If you’ve been thinking of boosting collaboration and other skills like creativity and problem solving among your employees, then instituting team … [Read more...]

How SOPS Saved Us Hours in a Week

There is a difference between working in your business and working on your business. For most of us, we are spending time working “in” our business. This means you are working with an employee mindset and you are completing daily progress on tasks. However, this is not where the magic happens! As business owners and leaders in the industry, we need to find the time to work “on” … [Read more...]

Increasing Efficiency: 5 Tips for Improving Your Team

When it comes to acting as a cohesive unit, team spirit is an absolute must. Are you ready to learn some great news way to improve the efficiency of your team? This is a crucial move if you want your business to succeed. So, here are five hot tips for improving your team and your profit margins. Know Which Tasks Are for Which Team Member One of the most important things you … [Read more...]

How to Successfully Organize a Company Retreat

If you are pondering the reason why some companies are more successful than others, then a good place to start would be the employees. MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory found that teams that communicate directly with each other as well as the management are much more creative and productive, says an article on Harvard Business Review. The good news is that such healthy … [Read more...]