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4 Steps to Take When Hosting a Team Building Offsite Event

4 Steps to Take When Hosting a Team Building Offsite Event

The long-awaited and mildly dreaded return is upon us: in-person work days. With the pandemic slowly and steadily being diminished to a measurable and normalized rate, regular social standards are beginning to be put in practice again. Yes, this does mean no more zooming into your conference meetings buried under your sheets with that Friends marathon playing behind your laptop screen. This societal comeback calls for a plethora of methods for building team attitude and relearning public cues necessary for successful workplace interaction.

Team building is a process that is not definitively contingent on the attitude and willingness of the employees. It relies heavily on the location of said event and how receptive the prospective company is to the offsite space.

Offsite events facilitate employee synergy and encourage ease in a simple and natural manner. The entire affair cultivates success from groups of individuals as it allows for ultimate relaxation to be felt informally.

The search for an accommodating spot that fulfills your necessary requirements for the perfect offsite event does not have to be complicated. Following these steps ensures that your course of action is both efficient and easy.

The Customer Knows Best

If you’re planning an event for your workforce, the first step you’ll want to take is hosting it in a space that either includes likable recreation or is surrounded by it. Knowing your employee demographic inside-out as well as having a general concept of their interests is crucial for this initial phase. Figuring out whether or not you want to host your event at a venue that holds the recreational activity itself or is in a central location with walkable attractions is also necessary in the planning process.

Here are a few baseline topics to consider to narrow down the offsite event space prior to reservation.

  • Physical activity including sporting games and outdoor obstacles
  • Leisurely viewing sites that are informative or historical
  • Innovative or high tech facilities focused on forward thinking
  • Arts and fashion centered spots with a creative and imaginative design

Aiming one’s focus on targeting the attendees of the event will yield prosperous results in that they will feel catered to and understood by the planner.

Watching the Clock

Keeping with the theme of prioritizing your employees, setting the perfect date and time for their schedules is imperative for the preemptive planning process. Sought-after locations for offsites will be booked up months prior to the set events. To beat the rush, start checking availability substantially earlier than your expected date. This will ensure that your spot will be secure, and will save you stress as you attempt to reserve a venue just days before the event itself.

Heeding to appropriate timing is also crucial when aiming to satisfy a group of employees. Setting the exact time for the offsite calls for full flexibility by the organizer, for while one time may seem ideal, continuous searching until utmost contentment by the workforce is necessary. The event’s time will also need to be accurately communicated to your employees, for clear delivery will ensure maximum attendance.

Don’t Empty Your Pockets

More money spent on the venue does not change its effectiveness in increasing workforce productivity. The key to planning and hosting an offsite that your employees will appreciate is the attentiveness and effort put into it: not dollars spent. This tactic does involve intentional research about both your personal workforce as well as the potential locations. Frugal spending also entails holistic budgeting when it comes to the actual reservation of the offsite venue. Keeping in mind not only the rental price, but also the extraneous costs will aid in productive and efficient spending. To alleviate the burden of finding and calculating a multitude of additional costs, it may be suitable to select a venue for your offsite that possesses all-inclusive services.


If you’re looking for an ideal offsite event location in the Dallas area, The Hall on Dragon serves as a model example for an all-inclusive offsite location that can provide the utmost service for any event. To hold your event at The Hall is like being the first to eat at a hip new restaurant in town! The modern scene rests in the heart of Dallas’ Design District, highlighting it as a cutting-edge spot surrounded by luxurious art galleries and contemporary showrooms. The space accommodates parties from one hundred fifty to five hundred individuals, making it a versatile location for any size gathering. This unique spot is home to an incredibly stylish atmosphere and remains an established, modern event venue in Dallas.

Bus, Train, or Car

While it is standard for a handful of workforce members to commute to their job, asking these same people and more to travel to a further location is a big ask. Acknowledging the hassle that is driving on your own time is key in handling an offsite event with your employees. There are a plethora of ways to handle the transportation process, but it is completely dependent on the parking availability as well as the distance from company headquarters. These factors will determine whether or not there needs to be an option of public transportation, encouragement of personal vehicles, or even the need to rent a bus to transport the employees yourself.

Team building is essential for a well-functioning company and boosting their social morale. Holding to these four steps will allow the planning and booking process of such a team building event to be a piece of cake.

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